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   Welcome to [SAS] 22nd Elite Virutal Regiment


Cooperative Clan

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Welcome to the home of the 22nd SAS virtual Regiment.

Based on the British Army's SAS, who represent the spearhead of modern day special operations teams. SAS are a group of serious, tactical minded Raven Shield and SWAT4  gamers. The squad was created for those who enjoy turning off from the real world and playing tactical games in a virtual military environment. This includes the use of realistic weaponry, tactics, training and ranks.

The Vision

We are highly respected among the SWAT4 & Raven shield  community.

Our commitment to realistic cooperative game play and the construction of our organization on strong foundations of quality training & great leadership has been the key to our success.

If you would like to be part of something important and believe you are, or have the potential to play at our level, please take the time to fill in an application form in the 'join us' section, say hi in our online message board and pop in to one of our gaming lobbies.

We invite you to help us create our vision, and be apart of a unique team of tactical players in a fun environment.

Are you ready for the challenge?