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skaaii realizes that contemporary and future aspects of society reach far beyond our supposition and expectations. already existing assumptions and answers are not empirical nor absolute, they rather form solid but yet questionable foundations. our speculative society is constantly and rapidly evolving, time is volatile and duration of events short-dated. this fast paced process does not permit proper matter absorption and substantive regeneration.

skaaii's study questions spacial perception and spacial development through time and duration. we believe that space and its representation should not be objectified. hence it is essential to transcend the primary denotation of space into a spacial topic or subject.

we acknowledge space as a set of relationships and transitions between entities, with juxtapositions, oppositions and co-existences of properties, beyond objective spacial correctness or appearance and with infinite subjective perceptions and interpretations. inter-subjective experiences constitute the foundation of spacial perception and spacial development, it does not restrict itself to the visual aspect and involves other sensory modalities.

spacial perception and spacial development are real time and mnemonic. they form the link between knowledge, memory, conscience and the unknown (abstract) or not-known (concrete). this is a direct reflection of the diversity and complexity of social events and the reality in which they exist.

skaaii cerebrates and investigates, through interdisciplinary media and insightful agitation, spacial solutions to anticipate prospective societal challenges on small and large scale.


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2012 time machine, design in progress

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