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Welcome lovers of Oldies, Sixties Collectors, Love Children, Old Hippies, Melomaniacs or other Musical Nostalgia Seekers...

About 'yours truly':

Yep...I'm one of those "music-was-my-first-love-and-it-will-be-my-last" kinda guys.

I've always collected LP's, because -to me personally- collecting 45rpm's was too much of a hassle (especially on record fairs, it takes ages to browse through big boxes).
I do visit record fairs worldwide (all over Europe, NYC,...). It's a financial disaster, but I'd rather eat less instead of being deprived of buying records ... I do realise this is "sick", but apart from that I hope I'm sane :)

Anyway, a couple of years ago I got hooked on collecting 45's, because I had most LP's and it was the only way to be kept "musically fed" on a continuing basis. I then realised that about 80% (yes EIGHTY) of the late 60's stuff never had any airplay. I mean, just think in the US only... so many States, so many unknown local groups, who made only one or two 45rpm's, then to vanish into thin air because no one wanted to play their songs... and... THOSE are the ones I'm after...

What's this site all about ?

What you are about to see is an extended list of 1960s songs from my record collection (LP's, 45's, demo's, promo's and a couple of CD's). About 80.000 titles at present. I made it my goal to collect as much sixties tunes as humanly possible. Please note that not only the hits are featured here.

My main focus is on the "late sixties" (1967-1971) but you will find sixties music in general here.

What's the purpose of posting a music collection on the www ? Well, I've been collecting sixties music for over 20 years and people kept asking me "what do you have?" or "did he/she sang that?", "what year was that song recorded?" etc... That's the reason this website was created. Not in the least to get in touch with other music-affecionados who've stumbled on this website.

Which musical styles are featured here (I hear you ask). The answer is plain and simple: ALL. 

  1. male/female vocal
  2. girl groups 
  3. melodic pop 
  4. psychedelic 
  5. soul & 'northern' soul
  6. pop/psyche ('popsike')
  7. beat - garage
  8. rock
  9. instrumentals

Not only will you find Anglo-Saxon artists, but also included are artists from all over the globe (Europe, South America, Africa, Scandinavia, Japan,...).

About obscure late 60s pop

Being a record collector of sixties music, I have a wide variety of  musical styles, but my personal focus (read "devotion") is
on obscure late 60s groups. Some may refer to this genre as "feel-good" pop or "sunshine pop".

2-2.30 minute songs, melodic (orchestrated), catchy, cheerful, unpretentious lightweight and straightforward 1967-1970 pop.
Narrows it down to a minimum? Hell no ! So MANY things are out there, waiting to be discovered...
Just to to give you an idea of the "sound" I'm talking about, here are some familiar groups:

Peppermint Rainbow ("Will you be staying after Sunday"), Cowsills ("We can fly"), Orange Colored Sky ("Mr.Peacock"), Crazy
Paving ("Anytime sunshine"), Razor's Edge ("Let's call it a day girl"), Spanky & Our Gang ("Sunday will never be the same"), The Love Generation ("Groovy summertime"), Sunshine Company ("Happy") Love Affair ("Everlasting love")

Apart from the above mentioned titles, here are some less familiar tunes which hardly got any airplay.
To wet the appetite...

Click on the record player for audio samples of obscure 1967-1970 pop


How to look for a solo artist or group ?

Both the artists and their songs are listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to look up a name or a title. I've chosen to use the first letter of the last name for a solo artist. Some examples:

- You'll find Petula Clark, listed under "C", so look for CLARK Petula.

- Paul Anka can be found under ANKA Paul, etc.

-A group like Dave Clark Five will be listed under "D", so look for DAVE Clark Five.

Other groups use the name of the lead vocal, followed by "and" the name(s) of the backing vocals. In such cases, like Paul Revere & The Raiders are listed as REVERE Paul & The Raiders.

Just click on the desired letter and you will be taken to a specific list. It may take a little while for the page to load, so please be patient.

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Please note that none of these records are for sale !!!

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