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Hello there. I am Andres Vlaeminck. I am a small design studio based in Belgium. I create awesome websites, video clips, logos and 3D stuff. I'm here to make YOU stand out from the rest.

Learn more About me or get in touch if you want me for your next project.

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Creative Ideas

If you have a idea but you don't know how to realize it, I will tell you if i can help you out or not .


My services are free IF i learn something new so that is an example of innovation if you have futuristic,Inovative ideas pleas feel free to contact me.

Design and Development

if you have an idea of your plan, that would help me allot in the production process but if you say "make me a website" it will take longer, but that depends on how professional your design needs to be .

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My services.

Web Design

Well that is quite obvious offcorse if you want a professional website email me most of the times i Won't charge any costs.

Web Development

is the actual development of the website and put it only with a domain name and stuff (this will cost you some money)

3D animation

3D is the main activity of my studio if it has something to do with Animation,Camera tracking,Modeling you have to be with me for that stuff .

Print Design

Print design what does that contain ? simepl making folders, invitations,flyers etc.

Logo Design & Branding

Logo design is another free service of AndresV. design .


if you want i can send you an newsletter email with all my latest projects .

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Featured works.

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About me.

actually there isn't much to tell about me but basically i am 16 years old and i live in belgium i started designing things for people so i thought why shouldn't i make a website and reach a bigger crowd so here it is my design website

My Process

unfortunately i can not take all the incoming jobs because i'm only sixteen and i have ALLOT of school work .

My Approach

That depends greatly on the job if you want more information feel free to email me.

My Team

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Get in touch.

if you read my website i said multiple times that you have to email me well her you can make it a quickie and contact me fast

Send me a message

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