by Annunaki
So, it is finally ready

Hello Folks,

Well, it has been quite a while again since my last update. Some of you must have been thinking I finally gave up with this project. Well that isn't the case, because I just finished a complete rewrite of the application. Do not worry, for you the application will be almost identical, but I rewrote it to accomodate all the Expansion information, for all the expansions that might come out in the future.

You will see that both the application and the database have been updated, so please download the full package and follow the instructions you will find on my website . Normally you shouldn't bother changing the UDL file if you put everything in the same directory. You can also erase all previous files if you already installed the DB in the past.

What is new :

* Changes for current and future DAoC Expansions.

With the Foundations expansion being available and some more expansions comming our way, I had to find an easy way to configure all the new information without having to rebuild my application every time.

To do this I have added the option to supply the expansion on almost every screen. Furthermore the different sets of data can now also be filtered on the expansion to easily display a list of SI quests and things like that.

* Lots of new Items, Quests, NPC's and lots of updated ones too.

For some numbers

Albion : 136 new items, 95 updated items, a total of 774 items
Hibernia : 134 new items, 19 updated items, a total of 448 items
Midgard : 63 new items, 94 updated items, a total of 688 items

Albion : 15 new quests, a total of 128 quests
Hibernia : 10 new quests, a total of 134 quests
Midgard : 16 new quests, a total of 154 quests

* We have set up a Forum to discuss the DAoCKnowledgeBase

As usual; all bug reports and comments / tips are welcome. You can send those directly to me ( see the contact form ) or use the forum our guild hqs set up at http://www.masters-of-mayhem.be/forum

by Annunaki
New Version Available ! ! !

Hello Folks,

Just a little message to let you know that a new version of the DAoCKnowledgeBase is online. You will see that both the application and the database have been updated, so please download the full package full package and follow the instructions you will find on my website (http://users.pandora.be/Annunaki).

What is new :

* We have set up a Forum to discuss the DAoCKnowledgeBase

Well our guild has created a forum for me. This forum can be used to ask questions, give suggestions, or anything concerning the DAoCKnowledgeBase. For now it's rather empty ( well it is new ), but I think that will change soon. You can find the forum at http://www.masters-of-mayhem.be/forum

* Changes in the way Zones / Towns are Used.

Well first of al I had some users telling me that it would be a lot easer when you filter all the Quests for a specific zone, you would also see the quests that start in a town in this zone. The previos versions didn't allow this, since a Town was also some kind of zone in my database. Thus filtering all quests for Silvermine Mountains, didn't show you the quests that start in Howth; Ardagh.

This has been changed now. I added another level to the Database. Now you have zones ( eg Camelot Hills, Vale of Mularn, Cliffs of Moher ) and within these zones I have created 'Arreas'. These area's can then be Towns, Keeps, ... While doing this I have also gone through all the Quests and NPC's adding this new level.

As a result of this, filtering all quests that start in the zone 'Silvermine Mountains' will now show you the quests that start in Howth an Ardagh too. If you want to see the quests that start in Howth you can still do that but you will have to filter on the Area then. Same applies to NPC's

* Changes to SI content.

Well I have started to add some SI Quests to the database too by now. I have also added quite a few of the NPC's that can be found in SI too. Of course the list isn't complete yet ( especially for the quests ), but I'll try to get more into the DB as soon as possible.

* Lots of new Items, Quests, NPC's and lots of updated ones too.

Lots of new Hibernian stuff. I know the DB was lacking on Hibernian info, but Since I have started playing on Gaheris ( Playing a Valewalker there ) this is changing.

For some numbers

Albion : 48 new items, 57 updated items, a total of 541 items
Midgard : 14 new items, 79 updated items, a total of 539 items
Hibernia : 189 new items, 73 updated items, a total of 321 items

Hibernia is still somewhat behind the other two realms, but I'm working on it

by Annunaki
New Version Available ! ! !

It has been quite a while since I've made any updates to the DAoCKnowledgebase, but finally it is here with some new stuff.

The following changes have been made :

  • Many changes have been done to incorporate SI Related quests and items
  • Added screens for Mob related information. For now only a few mobs have been added to the DB, but I will continue adding mobs in the near future
  • Started adding SI Quests and Items to the Database
  • A total of 206 new items have been added to the Database

The database now contains over 900 items, and more will be added in the future.

Oh and someone actually used the contact page for once, so I know its working, and I'm very happy to know that there are at least 2 users of my application :-P

You should download the full package now, since there are changes to the applicatoin AND the database. As usual you can find it in the downloads section.

by Annunaki
Wondering if there is more interest, pls let me know.

Hi folks, it has been a while since I have updated anything here. Atually I was wondering if there is still some interest in this application. If you guys are still interested, please use the contact page ( in the news menu ) to let me know. If there is enough interest I'll be updating the application soon, but if I get no replies, I'll leave it the way it is and use it for personal information only.

I have a lot of things I still want to get in. I have approx 200 screenshots of drops I still need to add, so loads of new items. Also since I now have SI, I also need to adjust the application to incorporatie SI stuff as well. This includes NPC's, Quests, Zones, Drops, ...

Another thing I have been testing out ( with success ) is Mob information. For the moment its only basic info like its name, min-max level, and what zone it has been found in. But I might expand it and link the drops to the Real mobs as well.

To make all this working nicely, I might have to redisign a few parts in the application and the database. Since this takes a lot of effort and time, I'm not gonna do this if I don't see any people who are still interested in this application. So please let me hear of you and in the near future you might find a new expanded version of the application available at your finger tips.

by Annunaki
New Version Available ! ! !

Well, I have been working very hard on this new version, so there arn't that many new items added to the database ( 40 new items or so ). But this will change in the future !

The new version allows the users to add or modify the Quest information, Item information and ItemSource information, and then send their modifications to me using the Export function which can be found under the Tools menu.

Once the info is sent to me, I can easily import that information again from my side. This should make updates to the Database content much faster.

But to get this working perfectly, I need your INPUT and there is no pun intended there :-P
So please add your items, drops, quest details to the database using my application and then send your modifications to me. I will then do the import from my side and put an updated version of the database online. When this is going to work like it should, you should see the content of the DB grow very fast.

This should also save me some time ( until now I did all the input myself ) so that I can start on new features for the application, so please send me your thoughts, suggestions, comments, bug reports or whatever

You should download the full package now, since there are changes to the applicatoin AND the database. As usual you can find it in the downloads section.

by Annunaki
PDF Manual Completed ! ! !

It took some time to complete the manual, but here it is. I have put quite some effort in it, but the result is there. Every litle part of the application is now documented in an easy to read Manual with tons of screenshots to help you.

As usual you can find the manual in the downloads section.

Currently the Synchronisation routines are being tested by our guild members. If I am getting sattisfied test results, I will be uploading the new version of the application by the end of next week.

by Annunaki
PDF Manual Available ! ! !

Well at a recent LAN party I watched a few friends of mine using the DAoCKnowledgeBase. Apparently they were not using the full power of the application because they simply didn't know it was in the application.

That is why I decided to create a Manual for the DAoCKnowledgeBase, and I have finally put up the fist version of the manual. Every little aspect of the application is explained in the manual, though it is still not complete. Expect to find a complete manual in the near future which will have a complete description of each screen in the appliaction in it.

The current version of the Manual describes the global functionality and shows you all the features of the application with easy to follow examplets and screenshots taken from the application itsef.

As usual you can find the manual in the downloads section.

Also your opinion matters on this. I'm willing to modify the application based on your opinion. Would you like to see something modified or added to the application, please don't hesitate to send all necessary information to me. You can find out how to contact me in, well off course, the Contact section. ( by the way, corrected a little typo in the Mailto address, no wonder nobody sent me any comments )

by Annunaki
Revamping Items Screen

I'm currently revamping the items screen based on my personal processing of items. All Stat en Resist bonuses will now have their own entry field and thus it will be much easier to search for an item with at least + 5 to strength and at least + 10 to constitution.

While doing this I've also added 34 new Albion items and 31 new Midgard items to the Database. As usual you can find the installation notes and the downloads in the downloads section.

This time you will need to download the Full package since modifications have been made to the application and the database ! ! !

by Annunaki
Finally finished processing the Screenshots

Well I had to put quite some work in it again, but the result is good. Quite some items have been added to the database ( over 100 new items ). Most Midgard stuff including Spind and Varulv drops.

A total of 160 items have been added or corrected ( most of em are new items though ), including 63 albion items, 3 Hibernian items and 94 Midgard items.

For installing instructions or downloads, please have a look at the downloads section.

by Annunaki
Midgard players will be happy

As you may have noticed, it has been quite a while since I uploaded an updated version. In the mean time I am still awayting the first user to send me an email about my program. This can mean two things : My application is absolutely perfect ( which I seriously doubt ) or nobody uses it nor finds it useful ( which could be a possibility ). So please if you have downloaded the app, send me a little mail telling me what you thing about it and what could be changed so its suits your needs

But the silence will be disturbed soon, and the Midgard players will be quite happy. I now also have a few Midgard characters on the Iseult server and am playing em quite often. The result of this is that you will see a lot of Midgard items being added to the database. For now I have about 31 new or modified Albion item and about 38 new or modified Midgard items. I still have 120 screenshots I need to go through and add the items to the DB, and most of those are Midgard items.

You can expect to see an updated version of the DB by the end of this week or next week. Until then, please send me your thoughts about the DAoCKnowledgeBase :-)

by Annunaki
New Database Available !

I have uploaded a new version of the Database. The only difference with the previous version is that the new version contains approximately 40 new items. Most of these items are lower level Midgard items or quest rewards. I have started a new Midgard character ( a Thane ) and am using this character to fill the low level Midgard items and quest rewards.

Those of you who have installed the previous version of the DAoCKnowledgeBase can simply download the zip file containing the Database only and extract it over the previous database file.

If you don't have the DAoCKnowledgeBase installed yet, I have updated the DAoCKnowledgeBase Full install zip file with the new version of the Database.

For installing instructions or downloads, please have a look at the downloads section.

by Annunaki
Version Available !

While I was busy creating the Website, I also solved some minor bugs in the application. The new version is available in the the downloads section.

Together with some Bug Fixes I also updated the DataBase and added some new quests and Item drops. The DataBase now has 338 items, mostly Albion itmes ( 241 ) since that is the main realm I am currently playing. But I also started a few characters in the other realms, so items for Hibernia ( 64 ) and Midgard ( 33 ) are also being added. As I adventure further in those two new realms to me, I will be adding more items and drops to the database.

by Annunaki
Website Available !

Thanks to Baldurion, my brother in arms, I finally got my website up and running. He really helped me a lot with creating the base template for this site.

Some pages still need some content, but I am currently working on that.

Thanks a lot Baldurion