Graphic Novel Series:
Van Roy & Sid

Born in Diest, Belgium on 19 May 1965, Gunther Theys is a freelance artist who developed a passion for graphic novels and drawing even before he could read.

When only 13 years old, Gunther won a prize for a short graphic novel in a drawing contest which was organised in schools all over Belgium by the National Lottery. An official calendar was printed that included his award-winning submission. Gunther's humour and imaginative creations were also often featured in the 'young talent' section of the graphic novel magazine 'Spirou - Robbedoes. 

After graduating art school, Gunther worked as a free-lance graphic designer for several companies, organisations and clubs. His work has been printed on clothing, publicity boards, vinyl album covers, and cd’s as well as being published in books, publicity folders and magazines.    

Several of his graphic novels were published on a limited basis in the ‘80’s. The graphic novel “Devil’s Charm: The Ancient Curse” was created between 1986 and 1988 and introduces the characters ‘Van Roy’ and ‘Crazy Sid’. Soon after, it was published in Dutch as a limited black & white edition. 

Then for more than 20 years, Gunther's art was relegated to the status of 'hobby' while he pursued a successful music career as the front man and song writer of several music groups. During those years, he went on more international tours than he can count and released 15 Cd's.
In 2013, Gunther returned to being an active graphic artist. In 2014, he drew a short graphic novel (based on folklore characters of Ghent) for the second album of “De Pierkes”, made in support of the Child Cancer Fund.  

In January 2015, a re-worked and colourized version of Gunther’s graphic novel “Devil’s Charm: The Ancient Curse” was published in English. Van Roy and Crazy Sid will be back in volume 2, which is scheduled to be published early in 2016.

Gunther is available for work on commission as a freelance graphic artist.



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