10 Flugmeldeleitkompanie


 The 10 Flugmeldeleitkompanie was established in April 1943 by renaming the 22 schwere Flugmeldekompanie of the Luftgaunachrichtenregiment Belgien-Nordfrankreich. The unit ran the radar stations of Wissant, Equihen, St Valery sur Somme, Vaudricourt and St Pol sur Ternoise. The unit was a part of the Luftnachrichtenregiment 52 of Luftflotte III. The commander was Oberleutnant Lücke.


The radar site close to Wissant was coded Wels. It was established on the Mont Plouvin and the Mont de la Mottelette in early 1943. The strongpoint on the Mont de la Mottelette was called Wn 176 Kranich. This strongpoint is described in further detail here. The strongpoint on the Mont Plouvin was called Stp 178 Kellergeist. This strongpoint is described in further detail here.


On the high terrain (+/- 100m) east of Equihen-Plage, locally called La Courtille, the Germazn Luftwaffe decided to establish an important Erika radio navigation station, coded Stp 265 Lungenkraut. From here, the German night bombers could be directed towards their targets with a very high precision, since the radio waves could be received by the FuG 121 Erika device carried by German bombers upto a range of 350 km. The system itself was accurate to within 400 metres.


A major unit of the 10 Flugmeldeleitkompanie was also based at Stp 174 Tillburg, near the Flugplatz Audembert. Full details about this location can be found here

A smaller unit of this company was also stationed at Stp 161 Bumerang (4 soldiers).