Stp 125 Marineküstenbatterie Prinz Heinrich

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This strongpoint can best be reached from the town centre of Sangatte. Setting out from the church follow the Rue de l'Eglise leading out of the town. When you reach the first bend in the road the first large reserve ammunition bunker can be seen on the right. From here the Ferme Bara is the second farm on your left, while the next two firms on your left are the Ferme Martel and the Ferme Stival. Opposite the former, the second large reserve ammunition bunker can be found. This position was actually the eastern section of the strongpoint, where two of the guns were located. The western section was located at Framzelle
For the fire control bunker you will need to drive quite a distance to the Mont Vasseur. This hill can be reached by returning to Sangatte and taking the Route de Peuplingues in the direction of Peuplingues. When the road reaches the top of the hill, the Mont Vasseur is to your left and the bunker can be found on the highest point.

Tactical function

Initially the battery was destined to support the German invasion of Britain. Later it operated against the English coast and enemy ships in the Channel.
Unit(s) 1940-1943: MKB Prinz Heinrich
1944: 5 Kompanie/II Bataillon/Grenadierregiment 103/47 Infanteriedivision/LXXXII Armeekorps/KVA C
Troops 1940-1943: 167 (3/27/137). The battery commander was Kapitänleutnant Natzmer. The eastern section was commanded by Leutnant Bremmecle; the western section by Leutnant Lehmann.


1940-1943: 2x 28 cm SK L/45, 2x 5 cm KwK, 2x 4 cm FlaK 28, 2x 2 cm FlaK(?), 1x Granatwerfer, 7x MG


Leitstand, 2x Maschinenbunker, 6x ammunition bunker (2x reserve), SK hospital bunker, 4x personnel bunker, water supply bunker, 3x storage

Remaining bunkers

Leitstand, 2x Maschinenbunker, 6x ammunition bunker (2x reserve), SK hospital bunker, 4x personnel bunker, water supply bunker, 3x storage


The Marineküstenbatterie Prinz Heinrich was the first battery to be established on the Channel coast (27 July 1940). Until 1943 the battery operated against enemy ships. In 1943 the battery was transferred to Leningrad and replaced by the MKB grosser Kurfürst.
The fire control bunker (SK Leitstand) was located further back on the Mont Vasseur. The strongpoint relied on various observation posts all along the coast: Bastion XII in Calais (Peilstand 1), Cap Blanc-Nez (Peilstand 3), Mont de Couple, Le Portel (Peilstand 4), and Sangatte.
Initiall,  the strongpoint was numbered Stp 121.
The most remarkable bunker can be found on the grounds of the Ferme Bara. This was the hospital bunker. In addition to the surgery room decorated with tiles, the name Sanitätsbunker Prinz Heinrich can be found above the entrance. On the Ferme Martel and Ferme Stival the personnel and ammunition bunkers, as well as the open emplacements for the 2 large guns can be found.


See this strongpoint

See the location of the Leitstand

1. Open emplacement for 28cm gun
2. Personnel bunker, navy model
3. Machine bunker
4. Ammunition bunker
5. Water supply bunker
6. Sanitary building
7. Hospital bunker, navy model
8. Reserve ammunition bunker
9. Storage


Below are some impressions of this strongpoint.
SK Reserve ammunition bunker (east)
The eastern reserve ammunition bunker has an observation building on its roof.
These pictures show the (closed) entrances.
SK Reserve ammunition bunker (west)
Pictures of the western reserve ammunition bunker
SK Leitstand
The outside of the Leitstand on the Mont Vasseur