Stp 131 Paderborn

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First drive to the town centre of Inglevert, which is a roundabout. Then take the northeasterly road out of town and then the second road to the left, which leads you to the current airfield and hangars. Well before you reach these, you will see the bunkers alongside the road to your left.

Tactical function

The function of the (Heeresküsten)batterie located here was to deny access to the beaches in the Bay of Wissant as well as 360° defensive fire.
Unit(s) and troops

On 25 March 1943 the strongpoint was still an airfield and the following troops were based here:

  • 26 soldiers of an unknown Luftwaffe unit (possibly ground crew)

  • 36 soldiers of the Luftwaffe Landesschützenzug 296/VI

  • 36 soldiers of the Luftwaffe Landesschützenzug 167/VI

  • 5 soldiers of a Luftwaffe Wetterhilfsnebenstelle (this unit was located outside the airfield boundaries)

So, 103 Luftwaffe soldiers were based at the strongpoint, one of them the commander Stabsfeldwebel Mötting. Nearby, other German troops were based as this point in time. In the centre of St Inglevert two dozen or so soldiers were located in Stp 169 (later 199) Braunschweig in order to defend the important crossroads. Finally, more Luftwaffe troops were based in Stp 181 (later 141) Magdeburg, commanded by Feldwebel Heinig.

In April 1943 the strongpoint became an artillery position, initially occupied by the 1 Batterie/451 Artillerieabteilung of the 156 Reservedivision. From the winter of 1943 onwards, the unit present is the 4 Batterie/ Heeresküstenartillerieabteilung 1143.


25 March 1943:

unknown Luftwaffe unit: 1x lMG (f), 1x Leuchtpistole, 1x Pistole 08, 27x Gewehre

Luftwaffe Landesschützenzug 296/VI: 1x MG 38 M 38 (t) 1.5 cm, 3x lMG (f), 6x MP 40, 4x Pistole 08, 32x Gewehre

Luftwaffe Landesschützenzug 167/VI: 3x MG 07/24, 4x Pistole 08, 6x MP 38/40, 1x Leuchtpistole, 34x Gewehre

Luftwaffe Wetterhilfsnebenstelle: 1x MG (f), 2x Pistole 08, 5x Gewehre

April 1943:

4x 15cm sFH 18


4x 10,5cm lFH 324 (f)


4x R669, 2x Vf bunker

Remaining bunkers

4x R669, 2x Vf bunker
Radar -


In 1943 the guns stood in open emplacements. Judged too vulnerable, 4 R669 bunkers were constructed in the spring of 1944. Interestingly, extra ammunition niches were built against the rear of the bunkers. Besides the bunkers the site still has some remains of open emplacements and ammunition niches.


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The numbers below refer to the plan and map above.
These pictures show the line of gun bunkers.
The R669s have ammunition niches built onto them at the back.
1. R669
2. R669
3. R669
4. R669
5. Open emplacement with niches
Previously, the bunkers were placed in open emplacements which were circled by ammunition niches. Remains these can still be found behind the current bunkers.
6. Open emplacement
Remains of an open emplacement
7. Vf bunker
The remains of a Vf bunker.
10. Open emplacement with niches
Another open emplacement with the remains of an ammo niche present
12. Open emplacement with niches
Yet another example can be seen in the distance on the right of this picture.
13. Vf bunker
The construction on the left of the same photograph is a Vf bunker.
Unidentified niche
This construction is situated further back.