16 Flakdivision


The 16 Flakdivision was formed in Lille on 1.3.42, replacing the 6 Flakdivision. It was subordinated to the Luftgaukommando Belgien-Nordfrankreich and was tasked with the air defence of Belgium and Northern France. After the allied invasion In June 1944 it was redesignated 20 Flakbrigade and withdrew through Belgium to Holland, where it was reorganised in September 1944 and subordinated to III Flakkorps. In November 1944, it was subordinated to Luftwaffenkommando West. On 9.2.45 it was redesignated VI Flakkorps. It had the following commanders:

  • Generalleutnant Kurt Steudemann, 15.6.42 - 28.2.43

  • Generalleutnant Rudolf Eibenstein, 1.3.43 - 30.4.44

  • Generalmajor Friedrich-Wilhelm Deutsch, 30.4.44 - 9.2.45

Major Walter Brett was Ia in the period 26.1.44 - 15.2.45.


On 1 June 1944, the division was organised as can be seen in the following clickable schema: