Stp 188 Schlesien

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The strongpoint is located in and around the village centre of Ledquent.

Tactical function

1940-1943: the strongpoint was a part of the Luftwaffe airfield Marquise-West
1943-1944: the strongpoint performed a headquarters function, first for the
Pionierbataillon 147, later also for the I Abteilung/Artillerieregiment 331
Unit(s) 25.03.1943: At this point the strongpoint was coded Stp 217 Schlesien.
The following Luftwaffe units based here belonged to the Fliegerhorst Marquise West:: Fliegerhorstkompanie, Nachrichtenstelle, Flugleitung, Feuerwehr, Wetterstelle, 7. leichte Flakgruppe, Sanitätsstaffel.
1943-1944: Pionierbataillon 147/47 Infanteriedivision/LXXXII Armeekorps
1944: I Abteilung/Artillerieregiment 331/331 Infanteriedivision/LXXXII Armeekorps
Troops 25.03.1943: At this point the strongpoint was commanded by Luftwaffe Hauptmann Schueler, with Oberleutnant Fonfara as second-in-command.
Luftwaffe: 153 Mann: 4 Offiziere, 37 Unteroffiziere, 112 Mannschaften


Luftwaffe: 168x Karabiner 98k, 34x MG, 68x MP, 63x Pistole
1944: 7,5cm Feldkanone
Bunkers 3xR502, 5x Vf2a, 3x Vf3, 2x Ringstand GrW, Vf (storage), Geschützstellung LAG, 2x Wellblech

Remaining bunkers

5x Vf2a, 3x Vf3, Ringstand GrW, Vf (storage), 2x Wellblech
Radar -
Comments The Luftwaffe unit probably left the strongpoint in September 1943
From April 1944 onwards the strongpoint was the headquarters of the I Batterie/Artillerieregiment 331 of the 331 Infanteriedivision. Two of its batteries wete located nearby: the 1 Batterie at Rouge Berne and the 2 Batterie at Le Bail (the 3 Batterie was stationed further inland in Rety)
The strongpoint was also the headquarters of the Pionierbataillon 147. which in June 1944 was the Divisionsreserve of the 47 Infanteriedivision, which unit was probably there before April 1944.
The strongpoint is unique in the number of paintings that survive in the bunkers. Help would be appreciated in helping to decipher some of the texts.


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Below is an impression of this strongpoint.
The numbers refer to the Google Earth map above.
1. Vf3
The site contains 3 Vf3 machine gun bunkers strategically placed
to provide perimeter defence. This bunker can be found in the southwest.
The floor and ceiling of this bunker.
3. Vf3
This Vf3 machine gun bunker is located in the southeast of the strongpoint.
In the picture the text kapitulieren nie (surrender, never).
5. Vf2a
The second Vf2a personnel bunker
The entrance corridor
The crew room has been set fire too by someone, probably deliberately.
It is said to have had some wonderful paintings on the wall.
7. Tobruk
Adjacent to the Vf2a is this Tobruk, probably for a mortar.
9. Vf2a
This Vf2a personnel bunkers lies in the northeast of the position.
It shows signs of an explosion.
10. Storage
In the middle of a garden we find this storage bunker.
11. Vf2a
The next Vf2a personnel bunker is located within the grounds of the Camping des Trolles. The bunker is a real treasure trove for wall paintings. Permission to visit the bunker can be asked to the friendly owner of the camping. The bunker lies underneath the offices of the camping.
One of the entrances to the bunker.
These pictures show the entrance corridor.
Note the remains of the paint schemein the second picture on the left.
Pictures of the armoured door at the entrance... 
... and of the emergency exit inside the crew room. 
The first painting shows a soldier looking a picture of his loved one.
The text reads schöner singen zu können als Eduard ...
In this picture we first see the text der Papagei, thus suggestion that the named Eduard is a parrot.
Next, we see a mysterious young woman.
She does not look like the woman he is looking at in the picture. Who could she be?
In this set of pictures we see another young woman. The text calls here eine kleine Ursula. This refers to a schlager hit in Germany in the 1930s (Ich wünsch mire eine kleine Ursula). This was a song in which a little boy calls upon his mother wishing to be given a little sister (called Ursula in the song). Underneath the text eine kleine Ursula we read the text (natürlich nicht als model). Could this be an idealized version of the daughter the soldier was expecting?
There is something here, but we are unable to make out exactly what. Help anyone?
Another important theme in the bunker is airplanes, another reference to the Luftwaffe presence.
This picture shows no fewer than 6 types of Luftwaffe aircraft.
From top to bottom the aircraft are a BF109 Messerschmitt, a Focke Wulf 109, a Fieseler Storch, a Ju 88, a Blom und Voss 141 and a Ju 87 Stuka. All around one can find reproductions of the ace of spades. This was the symbol of Jagdgeschwader 53, which was nowhere near this place, but here has its 'traditional' meaning of representing good luck.
It is difficult to make out exactly what this represents, but the text does refer to a wedding.
Same problem here: is this an altar or a chimney perhaps? Who can help?
In this clear fresco the soldier is holding his girlfriend in his arms.
The test reads ich wünsche mir. It represents the traditional longing of the German soldier for the loved one in the Heimat. The other texts are extremely difficult to make out but there would appear to be a reference to spending 50 years together with his loved one.
Further traces of a text, but illegible.
This painting shows two soldiers in the process of positioning an anti-tank gun.
All we can read here is the phrase das du in meine .... Who can read the rest?
The way out.
Close to the bunker is this well, ensuring a steady supply of drinking water in times of crisis.
12. Vf3 with Tobruk
The third Vf3 machine gun bunker can be found in the north.
This bunker is special in that it also has a tobruk attached, probably for a mortar.
The entrance
The combat room and the entrance to it.
On the ceiling of the bunker is a beautiful compass rose,
with paintings of airplanes all around.