4 Jagddivision


The 4 Jagddivision was formed for the first time in Döberitz in August 1942 from the Jagdfliegerführer Mitteldeutschland. Its commander at that time was Generalleutnant Joachim-Friedrich Huth.
On 15 September 1943 a large-scale reorganisation was conducted. This resulted in the then 4 Jagddivision being redesignated 1 Jagddivision and the then 3 Jagddivision being redesignated 4 Jagddivision, with headquarters in Metz (. Until its disbandment in September 1944 it was commanded successively by Generalmajor Werner Junck (15.9.43-30.9.43) and Oberst Carl Vieck (1.10.43-9.44).
The unit was code-named MEDUSA, while the callsign for Sprechfunk was HOLZAUGE. More information on the unit's headquarters can be found here.
Since the 4 Jagddivision was really an administrative and logistical unit only, mention must be made of the subordinate headquarters responsible for operations:
  • Jagdfliegerführer 4:
    • This unit was initially located in Rennes but from 6.9.43 in St. Pol-Brias. Its commanders were well-known and successful Luftwaffe officers, such as Walter Oesau and Josef Priller. From 1.4.43 until the unit's disbandment on 31.8.44 the commander was Oberst Harry von Bülow-Bothekamp. The unit was responsible for conducting daytime fighter operations and was codenamed PLUTO. More information on the headquarters of Jagdfliegerführer 4 can be found here.
  • Nachtjagdraumführer 115/116:
    • This unit was responsible for conducting fighter operations at night. Not much is known about this unit, apart from the fact that a German map shows its headquarters to be in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise. The best available information on the headquarters on the unit can be found here.
  • Luftnachrichtenregiment 203:
    • This unit was responsible for all communications in the area of the 4 Jagddivision. It was also headquartered in Metz. The best available information on this unit can be found here.
The documents below detail the composition of 4 Jagddivision on three crucial dates in June 1944, namely 1, 7, and 27 June. The documents have been prepared with care, but no full guarantee for their correctness can be given. There is considerable disagreement on precise aircraft numbers and locations. But perhaps more important than the exact numbers and locations is the general picture the documents provide. That said, however, corrections would indeed be welcomed.


In the documents a red colour indicates changes since the previous situation, while shaded information refers to units having left the unit.


Composition of 4 Jagddivision on 1 June 1944


Composition of 4 Jagddivision on 7 June 1944


Composition of 4 Jagddivision on 27 June 1944