Adinkerke - BEMILCOM site

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This strongpoint is located along the N386 from Adinkerke to Bray-Dunes.

Tactical function

Radio communication tower (BEMILCOM)
Unit(s) Belgian army


Belgian army
Weapons -


Remaining bunkers -
Radar -

This strongpoint is not freely accessible and permission must be asked for a visit.

Bemilcom is a military communication network that links military bases and police and other services in Belgium. This is a seperate telecommunication network that has a higher resilience and security than the normal network, but its main objective is resilience not secrecy. In fact, other telecommunication companies may also use their infrastructure and also the ASTRID communication network of the police uses these towers. As a results, dozens of these towers are scattered across Belgium.


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Yellow indicates existing constructions
Below are some impressions of this strongpoint
The numbers below refer to the above Google Earth map
This location was visited with the full permission of the Agentschap Natuur en Bos and accompanied by the nature guard
The pictures show the situation in 2013. At that time a renovation of the site was planned.
The actual tower. Similar towers are dotted all over Belgium. The towers are used for military but also for commercial communication.
The path leading up
The tower site itself is still fenced off.
The path leads further up the hill to a collection of derilict buildings
The first construction, some kind of storage
Looking inside
To the right electricity boxes stand out in the open,
though there might actually have been a roof earlier on.
Part of the flooring here had the colour red.
Close-ups of the outer main boxes. Is GEN short for generator? And CP short for communication post?
Overview of the destruction here in 2013, suggesting a roof.
The main building here come in two parts, which are joined under a weird angle.
Entrance to the left-hand side building. According to the notice on the door, the room contained flammable liquids and smoking was prohibited.
The inside with two rooms
The door giving access to the joining part and the construction on the right
The view behind this door
Here we find one big room with a telephone exchange
The front, side and rear of this construction
Some more boxes were attached to the wall
Access to the room behind. This had a sanitary function
A large open platform next to the construction
This picture shows how high up we really are in relation to the surrounding terrain