The Armeeoberkommando 15: D-Day to Battle of the Bulge



On this page we trace the chronological history of the Armeeoberkommando 15 after D-Day, reaching as far as 30 November 1944. After years of static coastal defence duties, the allied landing in Normandy also meant different times for the Fifteenth Army. Its history after D-Day can be divided into a number of periods. Clicking on these will take you to dedicated pages on each of these periods


June 1944

July 1944

August 1944

September 1944

October 1944

November 1944


Alternatively, the pages below deal with specific unit histories in this period.


AOK 15 area units in Normandy (6 June - August 1944)


The 18 Luftwaffenfelddivision in August-September 1944


The 64 Infanteriedivision in June-November 1944  (Festung Schelde-Süd/Breskens Pocket)


Netzsperrflottille West, Gruppe Kanalküste (July 1944)


German forces on South-Beveland (June - October 1944)