Artilleriekommandeur 141 (LXXXII Armeekorps)


An important member of the staff of the LXXXII Armeekorps, headquartered in Aire-sur-la-Lys, was the Artilleriekommandeur 141, who was in charge of all (non-divisional) army artillery within the area of operations of the LXXXII Armeekorps, including the corps' Heeresartillerie, Heeresküstenartillerie, and Eisenbahnartillerie. The various commanders were:

  • Generalmajor Friedrick Kunze (16.08.1941-03.10.1942)

  • Generalmajor Heinrich Müller (14.10.1942-22.07.1943)

Within the area of the LXXXII Armeekorps  these types of artillery were well represented on 1 June 1944 as the following clickable and chart shows: