Armeeoberkommando 15:

August 1944







Tagesmeldungen Heeresgruppe B

KTB LXXXIX Armeekorps

This chronology is to be completed further with other sources.


6 August


Heeresgruppe B:

On 6 August 1944 the AOK 15 lost one of its four corps. Thus,the LXXXI Armeekorps was moved from the Rouen area to the south and ordered to establish a defesive line beween the Mortain-Domfront area  in the north and Angers in the south, in an attempt to stop the American. The divisions originally subordinated to the corps now became subordinated to the LXXXVI Armeekorps.with the frontline still defended by the 346 Infanteriedivision. The LXXXVI Armeekorps, however, was no longer a part of the AOK 15, but rather of the 5. Panzerarmee (i.e. the name of Panzergruppe West since 5 August). Also the composition of the corps had changed: it now consisted of the 711 ID (coast), 346 ID (until Troarn), 272 ID (from Troarn until Bourguebus and the Werferbrigade 9 (less 1 regiiment) behind the 272 ID. As early as 9 August, however, the brigade would be transferred to the AOK 7 area.


28 August


LXXXIX Armeekorps:
Following an order from OBWest the Generalkommando LXXXIX Armeekorps - without the Artilleriekommandeur 189 - was to additionally take over the sector of the Generalkommando LXXXII Armeekorps with headquarters in Aire.
Generalkommando LXXXII Armeekorps - without the Artilleriekommandeur 141 - was pulled out of its former area of command an transferred with corps troops into the area of the Armeeoberkommando 1.
The Artilleriekommandeur 171 became subordinated to the Generalkommando LXXXIX Armeekorps.


29 August


Heeresgruppe B:

The fortress Le Havre was reinforced.

The west wing of the 5 Panzerarmee  will withdraw from the line Fécamp-Vieux (Seine) - Rouen to the line St-Marguerite-Clère-sVascoeuil-east of Fleury in the night of 29/30 August.

LXXXIX Armeekorps:

The duties of Chef des Generalstabes, as well as those of the Ia, were taken over by Major iG Zetsche. The former Ia, Major iG Karbe was transferred to the Führerreserve.

The advance part of the corps departed to the new headquarters. Thereafter, the Ia Generalkommando LXXXIX Armeekorps took over command of the sector of the LXXXII Armeekorps from the Chef des Generalstabes Oberstleutnant iG von Kleist.

With the takeover of the sector of the LXXXII Armeekorps the following units became newly subordinated to the LXXXIX Armeekorps: 59 Infanteriedivision, 64 Infanteriedivision, Restteile und Nachkommandos 47 und 49 Infanteriedivisionen.


30 August


Heeresgruppe B:

In the night of 30/31 August the defensive withdrawal to the line Dieppe-Neufchatel-beauvais-Clermont-Compiègne will be continued. Its successfiul execution is doubtful because of enemy pressure in the middle near Songeons and Beauvais.

LXXXIX Armeekorps:

The commanding general went to the headquarters of the 64 Infanteriedivision in Montreuil, the Festungskommandant Boulogne Generalleutnant Heim, the Seekommandant Pas-de-Calais Admiral Frisiusand the headquarters of the 59 Infanteriedivision in Spycker (9km southwest of Dunkirk). The corps commander ordered both divisions, in the light of strong enemy pressure, to establish strong reserves in the Amiens area, accepting weakened coastal defences in the process.

The subordiniation of the Festung Boulogne under the 64 Infanteriedivision was undone and the fortress was directly subordinated to the corps.

Following an Armeebefehl the MG Bataillon 14, reinforced by 1 schw. Pakzug of the 64 Infanteriedivision, was sent to the 331 Infanteriedivision at Belloy-sur-Somme with the mission of blocking the Somme sector between Belloy and St. Sauveur.

Strong armoured enemy forces had entered Amiens.


31 August


Heeresgruppe B:

The defensive withdrawal of the AOK7 and the PzAOK5 was broken through by the enemy across the line Snngeons-Beauvais. In the early morning hours the enemy reached the area south of Amiens, where they captured the HQ of the AOK 7 and its commander Eberbach. In the afternoon the enemy attacked Amiens and captured the city. In the late afternoon the enemy broke through the defences of the Auffriscungsdivision between Amiens and Bray-sur-Somme.and continued northeast and north. Combat is still ongoing south of Albert. All possible units of the aufzufrischenden division and a battle group of the 10.-SS Panzerdivision were thrown against the enemy between Amiens and Albert, in order to thrown him back across the Somme. Further forces of the LXVII Panzerkorps are to follow. Te easter wing of the AOK 15 and the PzAOK 5 further withdrew to the north during the night, in order to establish a defensive front behind the Somme. Sinle enemy armoured recce cars sighted in Yvetot and Bolbec; Aumale and Neufchatel are free of the enemy. Still no ontact with the enemyin the fortress Le Havre.

In the area of the LXXXI Armeekorps and the LXXIV Armeekorps the enemy continued his attack from the Amiens area and reached the area south of Albert . Parts of the 49 ID defend the line ? - Albert. Fighting for Albert is still ongoing. Parts of the 84/85 ID  are counterattacking from the northwest, as well as a battle group of the 9/10-SS Panzerdivision from the east.

LXXXIX Armeekorps:

The 712 Infanteriedivision received orders to leave the coastal front. The KVA A2 was to be commanded by Oberst Gajer, the Kommandeur Festungsstammtruppen LXXXIX and the KVA A3 by Oberst Kuhn, the Kommandeur HKAR 1240.

The 70 Infanteriedivision on Walcheren was ordered to ferry across one more reinforced grenadier regiment to Belgium. The composition of forces in the former sector of the LXXXIX Armeekorps was now 1 reinforced regiment of the 70ID each in the KVA2 and A3, as well as 1 Festungsstammabteilung each in the 3 KVAs. The pulling out of the division had been prepared (Fall Brügge) and was carried out without problems. The 712 Infanteriedivision was given the combat mission of reaching the area south of Lille at the disposal of the AOK15; The objective for the first day of movement was the area Kortrijk-Ieper-Menen. As replacement for the missing engineer batallion (sent to Normandy), the division was allocated a Pionierkompanie of the 59 Infanteriedivision sent to Ieper.

On this day the enemy exerted strong pressure on Amiens and there was street fighting within the city. The enemy had also established a bridgehead near Corbie. Incursion and breakthrough towards Doullens was to be expected. It was seen as important, by gibing up defensive strength at the coast, to establish a defensive line towards the south and southeast, in order to prevent a a possible enemy thrust behind the coastal front. As speed was seen to be of paramount importance the following orders were issued:

  • To the 64 Infanteriedivision: the division was ordered to immediately transport its Füselierbataillon by lorry to Doullens in order to block the crossings on the Authie river. Secondly, the division was ordered, with one platoon equipped with close combat AT-equipment each to block the crossing on the Authie and Canche rivers at Nampont, Labroy, Anvin and St-Pol. Finally, the division was ordered to immediately extract a reinforced regimental combat group from coastal defence duties and to position it in the Hesdin area.

  • To the 59 Infanteriedivision: the division was ordered to iimediately extract a reinforced regimental combat group from coastal defence duties and to position it in the St-Omer area. Secondly, the division was ordered to send a company by truck to Arras, commanded by an energetic batallion commander. This officer was to report that night to the corps commander with a view to acting as Kampfkommandant in Arras. His combat mission was the defence of the city with soldiers having lost their unit and alarm units.