Wn Darmstadt

Map number -
Location This strongpoint is located immediately to the west of the MKB Malo Terminus.
Tactical function Beach defence and protection of the left flank of the Marineküstenbatterie.
Unit(s) and troops KVA B - 1 Kompanie/I Batallion/Jägerregiment 35/18 Luftwaffenfelddivision


219, HWB

Remaining bunkers

219, HWB


7.5cm FK
Comments The remaining bunkers of the strongpoint are a R219 Doppelschartenstand and a Wellblech.



1. Regelbau 219
R219 Doppelschartenstand with a detail view of the back entrance in the picture on the right.
What is fairly unique is that one of the Scharten (right) still has its original steel doors.
Side of the bunker
Inside the bunker
2. HWB
A Wellblech bunker