Fliegerhorst Marck


The French airfield at Marck was used by the Luftwaffe between June 1940 and April 1943. The first unit to use the airfield was an instruction unit Lehrgeschwader 2. Two gruppen were based on the airfield:
  • I(Jagd)/Lehrgeschwader 2 (Bf 109E) (August-November 1940 and December 1940-March 1941)
    • Gruppenkommandeure:
      • Maj Hanns Trübenbach, 1.11.38 - 18.8.40
      • Hptm Bernhard Mielke, 18.8.40 - 30.8.40
      • Hptm Herbert Ihlefeld, 30.8.40 - 6.1.42
  • II(Schlacht)/Lehrgeschwader 2 (Bf 109E) (September 1940-March 1941)
      • Maj Georg Spielvogel, 1.11.38 - 9.9.39
      • Maj Wolfgang Neudörffer, 9.39 - 1.12.39
      • Hptm Otto Weiss, 1.12.39 - 13.1.42
Arriving more or less simultaneously was Jagdgeschwader 52, of which the Stab was based with Bf109E at the airfield between August-November 1940 and again between February and March 1941. The actual fighter units were based elsewhere. The Geschwaderkommandeure in this period were:

  • Maj Hubert Merhart von Bernegg, 19.8.39 - 18.8.40
  • Maj Hanns Trübenbach, 19.8.40 - 10.10.41

Between March 1941 and February 1942 the airfield did not have a permanent resident unit. This can be attributed to the German squadrons leaving to prepare for the attack on Russia

The final unit to be based here was Jagdgeschwader 2. The Stab and the I and II Gruppe arrived in February 1942, but stayed only for some days with their Bf109E/F. The Geschwaderkommandeur at this time was Oberstleutnant Walter Oesau, his Gruppenkommandeure being Hauptmann Ignaz Prestele and Karl-Heinz Greisert, respectively.

However, a number of other units used Marck as a forward airfield. We have found evidence of the presence of the following units:
  • Erprobungsgruppe 210. This was a test unit. Between July 1940 and February 1941 the unit was resident at Denain, flying the Bf110C/D and the Bf109E, but used Calais-Marck as a forward airfield.
  • Sturzkampfgescwhader 1. The II Gruppe of this unit is said to have used Marck as a forward airfield with the Ju87R between July and November 1940.

Thereafter the airfield was no longer used and it was finally abandoned at the beginning of 1944, after the destruction of the installations. However, until April 1943 Fliegerhorstkommandantur E63/XI was based at the airfield.

Below you can find some modern-day pictures of the taxiways and dispersal areas.