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Dear visitor


In the past many visitors of the site have complimented us for the thorough and detailed nature of the information contained in it. This only reflects the enormous amount of work involved in completing the ultimate aim of the project: detailed photo reports on all the strongpoints within the area of command of the Armeeoberkommando 15 as well as the full history of the Armeeoberkommando 15 and the forces stationed in its area of command, both in June 1944 but also iin the period 1940-June 1944.


In order to be able to complete this massive untertaking we are looking for help on three levels:

  1. Corrections of and/or additions to the information contained in these pages. If you can improve information, please let us  know. Some strongpoints were visited many years ago and the information may be in need of an update. Time allowing, we will update the information as soon as possible.

  2. Donations of current photos of bunkers or installations still missing in the photo reports contained on this website. If you have photos which are not doing anything and which could complement existing photo reports, then please donate them. Of course, the rightful owner of any photos thus borrowed will be clearly identified on the website. Having been 'in the business' for some time now, I cannot help experiencing that there is too little cooperation in our sector; This request is, therefore, also a call for more cooperation.

  3. On the final and highest level we are looking for a volunteer co-editor, with full editing access to the material and the site, to further expand the site.

For any of the above, or for guided tours, please contact us on


Finally, I would ask all interested visitors of Atlatikwall remains to show respect, both for the sites and for the owners. All too often, I hear owners complaining about visitors who do not bother to ask permission and,  when confronted, display unworthy behaviour. Worse still, sites have been looted without permission from the owners.


Have fun with the site!


Kind regards


Werner Bunker