History of the 23. schwere Flugmeldekompanie



The 23. schwere Flugmeldekompanie was established as part of the V. Abteilung of the Luftgaunachrichtenregiment Belgien-Nordfrankreich in April 1941. Its headquarters were located in Dieppe. The commander of the company was Oberleutnant Weber.


In the spring of 1942 we find information on the company and its organisation in the sector of the 302 Infanteriedivision:


On 10 March 1942 a discussion took place with the Fliegerhorstkommandant Dieppe Hauptmann Dohmke and Oberleutnant Rühl of the Kommando Flughafenbereich Beauvais with respect to the defence of Luftwaffe radars.

  • The radar north of Cayeux had been moved into the Stp Cayeux

  • For the protection of the radar at Ault a light Flakgun was moved there

  • The Knickebein radar was protected by a light Flakzug and some 20 Landesschützen

  • The radar Gleiwitz at Berneval was protected by 11 Landesschützen. In addition, Hauptmann Dohmke would transfer the operating staff (some 40 troops) from Puys to close to the radar.

  • For the defence against air landings on the airfields Le Bois Robert and Bertraville the 5/AR 302 was to determine positions near the new accommodation

  • The radar at Conteville east of Veulettes was protected by 20 Landesschützen and operating personnel. The Sonderkommando at Paluel was pulled out.

  • The radar east of St-Martin is protected by a Flakzug moved there from Paluel and a Landesschützensug (some 28 troops).

On 19 March 1942 a new discussion took place with the Fliegerhorstkommandant Dieppe Hauptmann Domke and Hauptmann Arndt of the Kommando Fleughafenbereich Beauvais with respect to the defence of Luftwaffe radars.

  • Leuchtfeuer Lisa (westlich St-Valery-sur-Somme) Occupation: 4. Former accommodation in the castle burned down on 18/3

  • Sondergerät am Leuchtturm Brighton: the division had repeatedly demanded the transfer to within the Stp Cayeux, as it could not be protected by infantry. Current security by own troops: 2 NCOs and 25 other ranks of the 23. schwere Flugmeldekompanie

  • Gerät ostwärts Ault: infrastructure requiring protection not yet constructed

  • 2 Luftwaffen- und 1 Marinegerät westlich Le Tréport. Luftwaffe troops: 1:7; navy troops: 50 with 2x 2cm Flak. Nearby is a Zug with 2cm Flak from the Flakuntergruppe Dieppe. Some 8000m to the south is a Reservezug of the IR570. The radars are within the Stp Mont Huon, which is under construction.

  • Gerät Knickebein near Grény. Protected by 3x 2cm Flak and 1:15 Landesschützen, also operating crew 1:8. A telephone connection with the Regimentsstab AR302 in Envermeu had been ordered.

  • Gerät Gleiwitz near Berneval. Protected by 1:9 Landesschützen and 1:11 operating crew. Flughafenbereich Beauvais was requested to move the Bedienungsreserve of Oberleutnant Netzer von Puys to Berneval, some 40 troops.

  • Gerät auf Westhöhe Dieppe. Protected by 1 Zug 3.7cm Flak. Nearby is the major part of the 23. (schw.) Flugkompanie, some 100 men and the Stab of the Flakuntergruppe Dieppe.

  • Gerät bei Conteville, east of Veulettes. Protected by 1 Zug 2cm Flak and 5:30 Landeschützen, as well as own crews (1:10:55, Leutnant Schickedanz). Half of the latter crews was to be moved later to the radar east of St-Martin. The Suselle-Schlucht east of the radar was secured by a Feldwache of the II/IR 570.

  • Gerät ostwärts St-Martin: protected by 2x 2cm Flakzüge and 1 Landesschützenzug, some 28 men. When the radar is finished half of the Schutzmannschaften of Conteville will go there.

  • Outside of the division area there is a radar at Petites Dalles. Crew some 10 men, + 1:9 Landesschütze. The Schlucht Petites Dalles is secured by a Feldwachte of the neighbouring division.

In April 1943 the 23. schwere Flugmeldekompanie was renamed into 15./Luftnachrichtenregiment 52 but remained in Dieppe.