The II Jagdkorps, responsible for the fighter air defence of Belgium and France, was formed in Chantilly, near Paris, on 15.09.43 from Höherer Jagdfliegerführer West. It was subordinated to Luftflotte 3 and from 26.9.44 Luftwaffenkommando West.

Its headquarters remained at Chantilly until 8.44, when they were moved to Rochefort (Belgium) in the face of the advancing allied armies. From 10.9.44 the headquarters was located in Flammersfeld, near Koblenz. For more detailed information on the headquarters of II Jagdkorps, please click here.

The unit was disbanded on 26.1.45 and used to form the 14 and 15 Fliegerdivisionen.


As far as the command of the unit was involved, the following names can be found:

Kommandierender General:

GenLt Werner Junck, 15.9.43 - 30.6.44
Gen Alfred Bülowius, 1.7.44 - 15.10.44
GenMaj Dietrich Peltz, 15.10.44 - 26.1.45
GenMaj Karl-Eduard Wilke (acting), 12.1.45 - 26.1.45

Chef des Stabes:
Oberst Wilhelm Kern, ? - 20.7.44
Oberst Lothar von Heinemann, 20.7.44 - 26.1.45

The organization of the unit on 1.6.44 is detailed below: