Armeeoberkommando 15:

July 1944






Source: Tagesmeldungen Heeresgruppe B

This chronology is to be completed further with other sources.


2 July


Heeresgruppe B:

Increasing naval artillery harassing fire east of the Orne, as well as intensive momvements in the Ouistreham area can be assessed as preparations for an enemy attack east of the Orne.


10 July


After Operation Charnwood (which ended on 9 July) the 346 nfanteriedivision (now part of Panzergruppe West) took over part of the sector held by the 16 Luftwaffenfelddivision, reaching south as fa as Troarn
Between 10 and 17 July minor British attacks were launched against the 346 Infanteriedivision. During these attacks soldiers belonging to the category Volksliste III (men that were considered to be of German race but living in areas occupied by Germany after the outbreak of the war) proved unreliable and deserted.


17 July


Heeresgruppe B:

The commander of the Heeresgruppe B, Generalfeldmarschall Rommel, suffered a skull fracture when attacked by a dive-bomber whilst en route to the north of Vimoutiers. The accompanying general staff officer was injured,, while the driver was seriously injured.


18 July


The left flank of the 346 Infanteriedivision was subjected to an intense aerial bombardent preceding Operation Goodwood on 18 July. The division successfully defended Troarn during the ground attack tha followed the initial air attack.

Heeresgruppe B:

The enemy succeeded in breaking through the cratered terrain of the main defensive line of the 16 Luftwaffenfelddivision and captured the villages of Cagny and Banneville-la-Campagne. From th latter village the enemy turned east towards Troarn. From Cagny the enemy turned west towards Grentheville. A deep intrusion on the southern front of the 346 Infnteriedivision in the diretion of Troarn was cleared after hard fightng. The main defensive line is firmly in own hands. In the aea Cuverville-Gberville-Mondeville and Colombelles encircledparts of the 21 Panzerdivision and the 16 Luftwaffenfelddiviion were still fighting.The counterattack for the destruction of the enemy and the regaining of the fomer main defensive line was carried out from the southeast by an armoured battle group of the 21 Panzerdivision and from the southwest by the main part of the 1-SS Panzerdividion. As a result of the relentless enemy air attacks, both attacks were unsuccessful. Many times taks were covered by earth and had to be dug out. The battle group of the 21 Panzerdivision was initially successful but was stopped between Cagny and Banneville by AT-units and artillery. ItsTiger batallion lost all but 9 of its tanks. The 1-SS Panzerdivision was forced to give up Soliers, which it had earlier captured with great difficulty.A battle group of the 12-SS Panzerdivision is being transferred from the area north of Lisieux to the area souteast of Cagny.


28 July


Heeresgruppe B:

Further units of  the AOK 15 are on theur way to suport the Panzergruppe West.


31 July


Heeresgruppe B:

The movement of the 4 Infanteriedivision (AOK15 Armeereserve with LXXXI AK) has been speeded up byall possible means.