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This very large strongpoint is located between the town of Petit Fort-Philippe and the nuclear station. Some bunkers are located to the north of the school in the Rue Victor Hugo, which leads to the camping. One R622 is even to be found inside the grounds of the camping. However, most bunkers are situated  to the west and southwest of the camping on both sides of the Route de l'Aquaculture.

Tactical function

Defence of the beaches to the east of Petit Fort-Philippe
Unit(s) 7 Kompanie/II Battalion/Jägerregiment 36/18 Luftwaffenfelddivision


Vf6b, R612, R502, 4x R621, 2x R622, R668, 3x Vf1a, 2x R134, R658, WBH
Remaining bunkers Vf6b, R612, R502, 4x R621, 2x R622, R668, Vf1a, 2x R134, R658, WBH
Radar -
Comments This is a very large strongpoint spread across a large area. Mind the commemorative stone for an Anglo-French commando raid on 24 December 1943, as well as the special water reservoir.


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Below are some impressions of this strongpoint
The numbers below refer to the above maps

Starting at the western side of this very large strongpoint

we found this R502 personnel bunker.

Remains of a concrete path

Partially on the grounds of a camping site lies this R622 (45),

the picture on the right showing the escape exit.

Within the grounds of the camping site a Tobruk remains.

Also within the grounds of the camping site a second R622 (44)

Moving to the east of the position this stone remembers the landing here of an Anglo-French commando in the night of 24-25 December 1943. While two commando soldiers were killed, and two more captured, 5 French commandos succeeded in landing safely and hiding in France, joining their unit during the liberation of France

Clearly visible on top of a small hill on the eastern side of the road is this Vf6b observation bunker (1). According to other sources the bunker is of an unknown type.

To the west of the Vf6b an R668 personnel bunker (3).

According to other sources it is a Vf construction.

A Tobruk for a mortar (4) stands to the south of the Vf6b

Crossing the road to the eastern side this R658 water bunker (42) can clearly be seen, the top right picture showing the emergency exit. According to other sources this could be an R502.

To the west of the water bunker stands this Vf1a personnel bunker (43)

A strange-looking concrete water reservoir stands close to the farm (24).

Other sources claim this to be a toilet bunker.

To the north of the R658 lies a flanking R612 gun bunker buried under the ground (41).

We now move to the southeastern part of the position with this probable Flak emplacement alongside the road (11).

The bunkers behind the emplacement are quite difficult to reach. We did find this R621 personnel bunker (16), the southernmost of two such bunkers

This is supposed to be an R134 ammunition bunker (12).

The second R621 more to the west (13)

Crossing the road once more to the west, this part of an R134 ammunition bunker (21) can still be seen sticking out.

To the south of the R134 stands this first R621 almost completely overgrown (22).

The second R621 to the west of the first is even completely overgrown,

but it is still there (23).