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The Generalkommando LXVII Armeekorps was established from the LXVII Reservekorps in Belgium on 20 January 1944. Its headquarters were at Naours, close to Amiens. The corps was responsible for guarding the French coast between Berck and Dieppe, including the strategically important estuary of the river Somme, for which purpose it controlled two static divisions and one motorized reserve division, the latter under the control of AOK15 as Armeereserve. As such, the corps was actually inserted between the LXXXII Armeekorps to the north and the LXXXI Armeekorps to the south. On 2 August 1944 the latter corps was ordered to rush south from the Channel coast to protect Paris, the LXVII Armeekorps was now the southernmost corps of Armeeoberkommando 15, extending its defences as far south as Le Havre. However, because the German high command still expected a second invasion in the Pas-de-Calais it was still kept in waiting, the "honour" of opposing the allies in Normandy being bestowed on the LXXXVI Armeekorps. When the I British Corps reached the river Seine at the end of August, the LXXXVI Armeekorps now took up positions further inland and defence of the coast including and north of Le Havre was now the responsibility of LXVII Armeekorps.  On 5 September 1944, the corps had withdrawn as far as Calais. Retreating further south in the following weeks, it was tasked with defending the Festung Walcheren and the Festungs Schelde-Süd. The corps then escaped across the river Schelde and fough the allies around Breda. The corps then retreated to the Aachen area. In December 1944 the LXVII Armeekorps took part in the Battle of the Bulge protecting the northern flank of the 6 SS Panzerarmee without actually taking part in the attack. In 1945 the corps fought in the Ruhr area, and later in Kassel and the Harz area. It was destroyed in April 1945.




The corps had the following commanders:


General der Infanterie Walther Fischer von Weikersthal 20.01.44-01.06.44
Generalleutnant Alfred Gause 01.06.44-07.06.44
General der Infanterie Walther Fischer von Weikersthal 07.06.44-24.07.44
Generalleutnant Carl Püchler 24.07.44-25.07.44
General der Infanterie Otto Sponheimer 25.07.44-25.10.44
Generalleutnant Friedrich August-Schack 25.10.44-28.10.44
General der Infanterie Carl Püchler 28.10.44-30.11.44
Generalleutnant Felix Schwalbe 01.12.44-17.12.44
General der Infanterie Otto Hitzfeld 17.12.44-19.04-44


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 Fischer von Weikersthal (left)
General der Infanterie
Otto Sponheimer
General der Infanterie
Carl Püchler
General der Infanterie
Felix Schwalbe
Otto Hitzfeld
General der Infanterie

The general staff was composed as follows:

Chef des Generalstabes Oberst i.G. Lothar Schäfer 20.01.44-05.08.44
Oberst i.G. Walter Reinhardt 05.08.44-30.08.44
Oberstleutnant i.G. Kurt Gerber 31.08.44-15.09.44
Oberst i.G. Klaus Vorphal 15.09.44-00-04.45
Erster Generalstabsoffizier (Ia) Major i.G. Kurt Gerber 20.02.44-31.08.44
Major i.G. Klaus Vorpahl 01.12.44-30.12.44
Major i.G. Gerhard Höpfner 30.12.44-00.04.45
Dritter Generalstabsoffizier (Ic) Major Schwede  
Korpsnachrichtenführer Major Peters  




The following clickable map shows the various Küstenverteitigungsabschnitte. Clicking on them will lead you to further information on each division and photographs of its strongpoints and bunkers.


Artilleriekommandeur 502 Generalmajor Friedrich-Carl Gottschalk Amiens
Korpsnachrichtenabteilung 467 Major Peters Amiens
Korpskartenstelle 467   Amiens
Feldgendarmerietrupp 467   Amiens


The headquarters of the LXVII Armeekorps were located in Amiens.



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