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The Generalkommando LXXXI Armeekorps was established in Northern France on 28 May 1942, through renaming the Höheres Kommando zbV XXXII. The corps was positioned on the Atlantikwall between Mesnil Val and Cabourg.

In July 1944 it was rushed to the front line in Normandy, where it luckily missed the Falaise pocket. From 2 August to 21 October 1944 it then retreated to the German border to the area around Aachen. It defended around the city was pushed back behind the Ruhr river in mid-November 1944. It was engaged in the Stolberg, Eschweiler, Julich, and Düren areas until 26 December 1944. It then participated in the Ardennes offensive in the area east of the rive Meuse. In late February and early March 1945 the LXXXI Armeekorps was pushed back over trhe Rhine river, where it took up defenses between Cologne and Siegburg. When the Ruhr pocket was closed, the corps took up the defence of the eastern frontline of the pocket. There it was virtually destroyed on 13 April 1945.




The corps had the following commanders:


General der Panzertruppen Adolf Kuntzen 28.05.42 - 04.09.44
General der Infanterie Friedrich-August Schack 04.09.44 - 20.09.44
General der Infanterie Friedrich Köchling 21.09.44 - 10.03.45
Generalleutnant Ernst-Günther Baade 10.03.45 - 13.04.45


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General der Panzertruppen Adolf Kuntzen General der Infanterie Friedrich-August Schack General der Infanterie Friedrich Köchling Generalleutnant Ernst-Günther Baade

The general staff was composed as follows:

Chef des Generalstabes Generalmajor Otto Zeltmann 28.05.42 - 01.02.44
Oberst i.G. Rolf Wiese 01.02-45 - 13.04.45
Erster Generalstabsoffizier (Ia) Oberstleutnant i.G. Viktor Kolbe 28.05.42 - 00.01.43
Hauptmann i.G. Gustav Baum 00.01.43 - 00.06.43
Major i.G. Dr. Heinrich Satorius 00.06.43 - 01.02.44
Major i.G. Heinz Schneider 01.02.44 - 30.10.44
Major i.G. Joachim Nowak 30.10.44 - 00.04.45




The LXXXI Armeekorps had three bodenständige divisions in the frontline, guarding the coast: the 245 Infanteriedivision in KVA E2, the 17 Luftwaffenfelddivision in KVA F and the 711 Infanteriedivision in KVA G.

In addition, however, the area also contained some reserve formations over which the corps had no direct control. Thus in KVA E2 the 84 Infanteriedivision lay stretched out between Valery-en-Caux and Rouen as Armeereserve, Further, in KVA F, the 346 Infanteriedivision (bodenständig) was located to back up the Le Havre defences, also as Armeereserve. Further resreve units (Armeereserven) were the Schnelle Abteilung 505 and the Schnelle Abteilung 507. Finally, also stationed in the area were the 116 Panzerdivision (Heeresgruppenreserve) and the Werferbrigade 7, which was subordinated to Panzergruppe West.

The following clickable map shows the various Küstenverteitigungsabschnitte on 1 June 1944. Clicking on them will lead you to further information on each division or unit and photographs of its strongpoints and bunkers.


Artilleriekommandeur 117    
Korpsnachrichtenabteilung 432    
Korpsnachschubtruppen 432    
Feldgendarmerietrupp 432    
Festungsstammtruppen LXXXI    


The headquarters of the LXXXI Armeekorps were located in Canteleu near Rouen.



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