The air defence of Northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands was the responsibility of the Luftgaukommando Belgien - Nordfrankreich, a command established on 1 June 1940 in Brussels, subordinated to Luftflotte III and headed by Generalmajor Fritz Lob. Lob was replaced by General Curt Pflugbeil on 24 June 1940, who in turn handed over his command function to General Wilhelm Wimmer, who remained in command until the disbandment of the unit in september 1944.


In the second half of August 1943 the Luftgaukommando was home to another General as the General der Flieger Hans Poetsch was assigned as General zbV with the command. This assignment ended on 1 January 1944. A German document of 18 August 1943 mentions Major Roeder as the Ia of the command. Also mentioned is Oberst Leon as Qu/Befestigung and Oberst Weil as Nachrichtenführer of the command.


In June 1944 the Ia of the Luftgaukommando was Major iG Krüger.


The further organization of the command is detailed on the clickable diagram below: