Luftnachrichtenfunkhorchregiment West


The Luftnachrichtenfunkhorchregiment West was established in 1942 and headquartered in La Celle-Saint-Cloud near Paris. It was tactically subordinated to Luftflotte III and administratively to the Höheren Kommandeur der Luftnachrichtenfunkaufklärung. Its main mission was to monitor and jam allied radio communication. For this reason, its constituting units were scattered all over western Europe:


Luftnachrichtenhorchregiment West
I Abteilung Zeist, The Netherlands Funkhorch
1 Kompanie Zeist Auswerte
2 Kompanie Brüssel Funkhorch
3 Kompanie Pewsum, Germany Funkhorch
4 Kompanie Overvoorde, near Den Haag Funkhorch
5 Kompanie Cap Blanc Nez, Stp 109 Düsseldorf Funkhorch
6 Kompanie Mont de Couple, Stp 140 Osnabrück Funkstör
II Abteilung Jonchères, France Funkstör
7 Kompanie Mont de la Louve, Stp 186 Wiesbaden Funkstör
  Jonchères (?)  
8 Kompanie Jonchères Funkstör
9 Kompanie Avignon Funkstörleit


In December 1944 many of the above units (interestingly, the companies 6, 8 and 9 are not mentioned as having been renamed, so exactly what happened to them is not known) were renamed and integrated into the Luftnachrichtenregiment 351, established to coordinate Funkaufklärung in the West and consisting of 4 Abteilungen. From the first and third of the latter were built the Luftnachrichtenregimenter 357 and 356, respectively, in 1945. Even though Luftnachrichtenabteilung 359 was buit from the IV Abteilung on 6 March 1945, the unit was never operational. By this time the units were suordinated to the Luftwaffenkommando West, bzw. the Höherer Kommandeur der Funkaufklärung.


Much more is known about one of the units mentioned above, namely the 4 Kompanie. For example, we know for certain (from a German document of 28 September 1942) that in the strongpoint Fester Platz Overvoorde 1 officer, 61NCOs, and 85 soldiers were located.operating one Adcock Horchstelle. Listening operations were conducted from an SK bunker of 38.70m by 12m. The full history of this strongpoint, later also called Stützpunkt XLVIII can be found (in Dutch) here.


More information is also available on the 5-7 Kompanien . In March 1943 the 2. Zug of the 5 Kompanie consisted of 2 officers, 22 NCOs and 54 soldiers and was located in Stp 109 Düsseldorf. The unit of the 6 Kompanie, located at the Stp 140 Osnabrück was only made up of 4 NCOs and 11 soldiers. Finally, 3 NCOs and 12 soldiers of the 7 Kompanie were located at Stp 186 Wiesbaden in March 1943. Also in March 1943, 5 men of the 5. Kompanie were based on the Mont Lambert in Boulogne.