Scheinflugplatz Aalter

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The bunker can be found by driving to the Schoonberg in Aalter. Opposite number 28 you find a path. After walking some 120 metres the bunker can be found to the left. 
Tactical function Dummy airfield 
Unit(s) Luftwaffe 


Weapons no precise data 


1x Vf bunker 
Remaining bunkers 1x Vf bunker  
Radar - 
Comments According to T. Cools the Vf bunker which still exist today served as a beacon to distract enemy bombers from the real Airfield at Aalter. It measures  4m56 by 4m50 and has one entrance protected by a brick wall. Inside there are some nice frescos. Unfortunately, the water has played havoc with them and they are at risk of disappearing completely.
With respect to the history of this strongpoint, you will find some interesting links below. What is important is to realize that there is absolutely no link between the former NATO airfield at Ursel. On the contrary, there is a link between the former airfield at Aalter (now completely disappeared) and the Scheinflugplatz constructed by the Germans during WWII. Here are some excellent links (in Dutch) for the complete story of both airfields:
Interestinly, the Scheinflugplatz was made to look like the real Aalter airfield, including wooden aircraft and a mock landing strip. Allegedly, the bunker served to operate light beacons to lure the Allies into thinking this was the real airfield. It is also alleged that the Allies were fully aware of the mock nature of the airfield and dropped wooden bombs on at least one occasion.
Should you know other interesting links, please provide them and I will include them in the above list. Our special thanks go to T. Cools for some of the information on this page.


See this strongpoint on Google Earth

Yellow indicates existing constructions
Red indicates disappeared or invisible positions (approximate locations)
Below are some impressions of this strongpoint
The numbers below refer to the above Google Earth map
1. Vf bunker
First view of the bunker
Seen from the opposite side
Some sort of ventilation shaft on the outside
The entrance to the bunker is down below.
At the time of our visit the bunker was completely flooded with water.
All photos of the interior below courtesy of T. Cools and AWB
First view of the interior of the bunker
On the wall to the left of the bunker entrance there is a slogan
The slogan reads Uns bricht keine Macht der Welt. Translated: No force in the world will break us. The slogan was intended to encourage the occupants of the bunker
Difficult to sat what this is. T. Cools considers it a closed entrance.
Provision for lighting still in place
These pictures were taken by T. Cools in 2009, when the water in the bunker had temporarily disappeared. It shows some interesting details 
On the wall to the right of the bunker entrance we find German bombers dropping bombs. The bombers are coloured blue; the bombs red. Presumably, there was a landscape at the bottom but the water has seriously damaged it. 
These pictures show more details, but exactly what is shown is unclear. The image underneath the slogan looks like a fireplace. Any help in interpreting these items would be welcomed.