Luftnachrichtenregiment 52 was formed in April 1942 in St. Pol (Stab and I Abteilung). At the same time II Abteilung was formed in Lille. The regiment was responsible for running the (coastal) radar sites of the Luftwaffe in Belgium and the north of France.

In April 1943 three additional sub-units were formed: III Abteilung in St-Pol, IV Abteilung in Amiens, and the V Abteilung in Cambrai. Most units were disbanded in September 1944, some in January 1945. The commanders  of the unit were:

  • Oberst GŁnther Riba ? - 27.02.1943
  • Oberst Rudolf Strobl 27.02.1943 - ?
  • Oberst Ernst Engelke 1944 - 1945
On 1 June 1944 the composition of this large unit was as follows: