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2020/03/01 : Tobruk Tobruk finished.
2020/02/27 : Tobruk LRDG & Auto Saharan Patrol lists complete. On to ze Germans and Crete!
2020/02/26 : Standard Tobruk British Lists are complete.
2019/09/08 : Market Garden done. Except for the option to have 25% of British units in your US Airborne list everything is there. Next up will be the completion of the British & German lists for Battlegroup Tobruk.
2019/09/03 : Market Garden German lists added; Atypical platoon needs to be 'decoded' as i don't understand one bit...
2019/09/03 : Tobruk Italian Ariete Armoured Division added. That means the Italians for Tobruk are done. Avanti!
2019/09/02 : Tobruk Italian Infantry Division (+east Afrika version) added.
2019/09/02 : Wacht Am Rhein All Battlegroups added.
2019/09/01 : Wacht Am Rhein german lists are done (with scouts), needs checking by you guys of course :) I also added the Armoured Recce Infantry Platoon to all the '44 Panzer Divisions like the book (pag.27) states.
2019/08/28 : Added Slovak Rapid Brigade from Dispatches vol.2
2019/08/27 : Added Partisan Battlegroup from Dispatches vol.1.
2019/08/26 : Added 7.SS "Prinz Eugen" from Dispatches vol.1
2019/08/26 : Added 3rd Canadian Infantry Division from the Main rulebook
2019/08/25 : Added 17.SS Panzer Division from the Main rulebook

2019/09/08 : Fixed the BR on the US Airborne Infantry Foot Patrol (was 1, should be 2)
2019/09/04 : Fixed some mistakes in the Italian Tobruk lists
2019/09/02 : Trying the new logo, i hope PSC is okay with this....
2019/09/01 : Working on the UI (i need some kind of logo) as I was getting crazy with all the dots and commas.
2019/09/01 : Renamed M3 Sherman to M4 Sherman (typo *slap*) and made NKVD Officers 'unique'.
2019/08/31 : Mobile error with dropdown 'fixed' for now. Expect some changes for mobiles soon as scrolling/pinch zoom isn't the easiest. I will call it 'Toilet-mode' from now one.
2019/08/29 : UI changes; Force cost is now in the center on top, corners more rounded (its prettier) and some things have more spaces.
2019/08/28 : Number of scouts is now working. Code works but only the Slovak Rapid Brigade is updated for this code. Other lists have to be updated for this new option and this will sadly take a couple of days. :( But it's a welcome addition to this builder.
2019/08/27 : Added scouts placeholder and changed UI-theme (just messing around with the code)
2019/08/26 : Welcome screen with updates.
2019/08/26 : Made some minor tweaks & Fixed spelling errors; Army lists are now sorted by book.

- Dispatches lists (3/4 done, needs checking & stats/ranges)
- Tobruk
- Blitzkrieg

- Need stats for 'Horse' and 'Hotchkiss 38H (same as 35H modifie 39)
- Need ranges for '75mm & 105mm Mountain gun and 100mm Vz16 howitzers'

- A decent help page as some people find it difficult to navigate
- Free hugs!

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