I needed a place where I could put my sketches online, so I made this simple site, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

I live in Belgium and observe near Antwerp where light pollution limits my view of the stars to about Magnitude 5 at best… Luckily planetary observing carries away my main interest so bright skies don’t bother me much. I started observing with an 8” Dobson, followed by a 12” Celestron Starhopper Dobson in 2010. Most sketches on this site are made using the 8”, which I can also mount on a Meade Starfinder equatorial mount to accommodate tracking. For more info about my equipment, follow the equipment link at the bottom.


Mars: 72 sketches
                  16 (2005)
                  28 (2007-2008)
                  28 (2009-2010)

Jupiter: 18 sketches

Saturn: 7 sketches

Moon & Deepsky: 15 sketches