try to get to the Height of the Comic Cosmic Viewpoint. You MUST traverse the Valley of the Shadow. The Realm of White Light is only reached through the Ravine of Ultra-Violet despair. Get up on the Comic Cone and peep at yourself in passing. View your meaningless gyrations and senseless circumvolutions in perspective. Stop your sulking; and come out on the blue blue blue (turquoise, sapphire, and sometimes) indigo blue (aquamarine) lagoon. Squatting in your stews, you taint the light-dowered air. And your livers get into your eyes, and your hearts into your boots. People who can't change their minds are in danger of losing them. It is Mirth alone which keeps men sane. Oh yes - and, Life is Mind out for a Lark. Well, now?

Fr. Rolfe, Venice 1911

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