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Letter Rectification  Debrabandere Δεβραβανδερε / De Brabandere Δε Βραβανδερε  Justification of Coat of Arms:


Flemish Society for Family History


       At the request of Jean-Marie Achille DE BRABANDERE, .......... Kortrijk (B) and following thorough research in heraldic, historical and genealogical fields the new arms below were registered by publication in the VLAAMSE STAM (Flemish genealogical register) of February 1999,


  the blazon of these arms is as follows: azure a narrow baston wavy or, between two modern bundles of ten thunder bolts of the same: a chequered quarter sable and or in eleven rows, each row of eleven squares, over all a chevronel gules. The shield surmounted by a fretted helm argent, collar and border or, supported and attached gules. Crest-wreath and mantle or and azure.


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 • NL WAZAMAR 'VVF 00155' Genealogy - Heraldry

Helm crest: a bundle of thunderbolts taken from the shield.
In letters or on a ribbon azure. Arms letter delivered to Jean-Marie Achille DE BRABANDERE
Registration number: 155 
Antwerp, 1 July 1999 
 The Chairperson of the Heraldic College Valère ARICKX
 The Secretary of the Heraldic College Edgard SEYNAEVE 


In addition to the applicant these arms may be used by all of his descendants bearing his name.

Descendants bearing his name:

Jean-Marie Achille De Brabandere (° 09.07.1947 Wervik):
 - Peter Roger Daniel De Brabandere (° 27.02.1973 Mouscron) fs (Jean-Marie A De Brabandere) 

  - Mathis Jean-Marie Landry De Brabandere (° 25.03.2002 Roeselare) fs (Peter R D) fs (Jean-Marie A De Brabandere)

  - Tanguy Landry Jean-Marie De Brabandere (° 23.04.2004 Roeselare) ) fs (Peter R D) fs (Jean-Marie A De Brabandere)

Justification of Coat of Arms:

Embossed print

Justification of Coat of Arms:
1. The chequered quarter sable and or refers to Brabant, in extension to the name De Brabandere. In particular to the great-great-grandparents branch  Joos de Brabandere-
fa (Boudwin Scaec x Beatrysse Craye fa (Triestram x Zoetkin De Jaeghere)). The chevronel gules represents Harelbeke/Kortrijk, where the earliest ancestors (Arend/Arent De Brabandere ° ~1420) were resident.
2. The eleven rows and eleven squares of the chequered quarter refer to the 11 children of the prominent ancestors Joannes De Brabandere - Florentia De Wulf, and also to the 11 children of Hector Debrabandere x Juliana Vanneste: brothers and sisters and my deceased father Roger (1923-1988) who died far too early. Eleven also refers to reconciliation: 11 November a day of peace. (11 a turning point)
3. The colours or and azure are derived from Kachtem, the place of residence of our prominent ancestor Joannes De Brabandere (1685-1761) who lived on the Rhodes estate. He was mayor of the seigniory of the same name. The wavy, narrow baston represents the Rhodebeek, a small stream that cuts right through the middle of the estate.
4. The two modern bundles of ten thunderbolts (for lighthouses, antennae, clusters, energy), separated by water, refer to the present generations who are active in electronics and information technology (cable distribution, communication, networks, data processing, quality control,...). Wherever “communication” is important.
5. The motto "My quest my efforts",
"My quest my aspirations", alludes to the individual nature of the applicant family, where a philosophy of peace and security, communication, scholarship, inquisitiveness, and assiduous research are central.
- [MY QUEST > Quaestio (Lat)]
> working to the end > Aspirations >
target to ... > engagement > ambition > the aim ..., energy.

Addendum: The two thunderbolt groups divided by a road, water (canal, stream, river, brook) symbolize modern communication. JM worked in electronics; Research and Development (R&D) technologist.
- The experiment with the kite (
kite experiment). In the middle of the 18th century (1752) the American natural scientist
Benjamin Franklin (17.01.1706 Boston - 1790 Philadelphia) son of (Josiah x 25.11.1689 Boston Abiah Folger) became world famous by demonstrating that lightning is an electrical phenomenon.

Family Ben Franklin Etats-Unis V.S.
Benjamin Franklin '
The Gulf Stream'

"Communication" LIGHTHOUSE. A beacon built to enhance the safety of ships, ~290 BC. Situated near the fortress built by Mamluke Sultan Qait Bay, the Pharos Lighthouse once marked the harbour entrance. Seventh Wonder of the World: The lighthouse of Alexandria.___________________________________________________ 


Brussels (2003) Note: De Brabandere Jean-Marie Achille and son Peter Roger Daniël

Rectification of way in which surname is written Debrabandere > De Brabandere (2003) >  Jean-Marie (°1947)  and  Peter (°1973)

 Rectification (Français) Nom patronymique Debrabandere > « De Brabandere »

Staatsblad 2003009244


Wet van 15 mei 1987 betreffende de namen en voornamen Bekendmaking: 
(Nederlands) Geslachtsnaam Debrabandere > « De Brabandere » (Français) Nom patronymique Debrabandere > « De Brabandere »
Bij koninklijk besluit van 11 maart 2003, is machtiging verleend aan :
de heer De brabandere, Jean-Marie Achille, geboren te
Wervik op 9 juli 1947, wonende te Kortrijk;
de heer De brabandere, Peter Roger Daniel, geboren te
Moeskroen op 27 februari 1973, wonende te Roeselare,
om, behoudens tijdig verzet waarover zal beslist worden, hun <geslachtsnaam> in die van « De <Brabandere> », te veranderen, na afloop van 60 dagen te rekenen van deze bekendmaking.