1. Download PPJoy setup PPJoy_Setup.zip and extract it somewhere.

2. Install PPJoy. It will warn U that the drivers are unsigned, but U have to install them anyway.

3. Once installed, open the "Configure Joysticks" panel and click on "Add..."

4. Choose "Virtual joystick" as type

5. PPJoy will install the needed drivers: Windows XP will ask U for the Joystick and the HID-drivers, choose the option to automatically find & install them.

6. The virtual joystick is now listed in the PPJoy configuration program. Click on "Mapping..."

7. Select the option "Set a custom mapping for this controller"

8. Set the number of Axes/Buttons/POV hats to 2 / 10 / 0

9. In the next two dialog windows, just press "Next"

10. Close the PPJoy configuration program and open the Game Devices from the Windows Control Panel. U should see the virtual joystick listed. Press the "Properties" button.

11. Start my program (sidewindergamepad.exe). If all goes well, the joystick buttons should respond instantly with the green/red buttons in my program.

12. If u want daisy-chaining, repeat steps 3-9 for an additional gamepad. Currently, my program only supports 2 linked gamepads.