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Show the Ameide Special Baby and Veteran show

20/11/1999 Judges: Sampers & Buitenkamp

Dogs 7 – 9 year

1-Best veteran Ch. Lucky Charm Of Gullyridge Boers

2 Fit For Firing v.d. Fijolahoeve Grootaers

3 Koh-i-Noor v.d.Hooge Bergh Hoogervorst

4 Karnak v.d.Hooge Bergh Danhieux

9-11 year

1 Mc. Cameilia’s Falcom Kloppenburg

2 Adonis de Santanou Danhieux

11-13 year

1 Ch. Dream Lover Of Gullyridge Erckens

2 Variomatic Hitoshi Danhieux

3 Cid from the Home of the Slender Dogs Wilbrink-Koster

+ 13 year

1 K’Ramses Danhieux

Dogs 3 – 6 month (3)

1 Of Summer’s Joy Lucky Wiersma

2 Of Summer’s Joy Leroy Kuhlman

3 Stofwolk van de Bruinbrand Thomas

Dogs 6-9 month (10)

1 Yourtheone Di Mahana Delabelle

2 Delirious Brodway Star Albers

3 Twilight Tango Of Gullyridge Vinken

4 Play Mec du Manoir de la Grenouillère Bourdin

Touch and Go of Gullyridge

Bonfire of Swan’s Star

Beautiful Dream of the Mine Valley

Blackjack of Swan’s Corner

Bullet of Swan’s Corner

Oculus v.d.Hooge Bergh

Dogs 9-12 month (6)

1-Best dog Almansor’s Kid Kreole Kiack

2 Whipcat East of Eden Oschinski

3 Huilaco’s Valentino Bourdin

  1. An Aeon Adhesion v.Dia Robinne

Dogs 12-15 month (2)

1 Mc. Cameilia’s Orion Kloppenburg

Abs Oscar du Manoir de la Grenouillère Bourdin

Dogs 15-18 month (1)

1 Barmoll Bandleader Korompis

Bitch 7-9 year (4)

1 Ch. Flic Flac Flying Flame Oschinski

2 Pearl of Scapa Wijnen

Abs Gipsy Star du Manoir de la Grenouillère Albers

Abs Forever Amber of Herlaers Town de Vries-Maats

Bitch 9-11 year (2)

1-best veteran bitch Ch. Silkstone Finesse Kiack

2 Ch. Esmeralda Of Herlaers Town De Gans

Bicht + 13 year (1)

1 Mc. Cameilia’s Bridget Kloppenburg

Bitch 3-6 month (5)

1 Of Summer’s Joy Larisa Brouwer

2 Princess Isa du Manoir de la Grenouillère Bourdin

3 Of Summer’s Joy Lady van der Toorn

4 Of Summer’s Joy Lydia Wiersma

5 Your My Girl Di Mahana Nieuwenhuizen

Bitch 6-9 month (19)

1-BIS Blanche Fury of the Mine Valley Laeven

2 Petite Merveille du Manoir de la Grenouillère Bourdin

3 True Love of Gullyridge Boers-Frederix

4 Delirious Better’n Better Brom-ter Beek

Bitch 9-12 month (11)

1 Almansor’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Foerster-Kiack

2 Frontrunner’s Brains N’Beauty v.d.Graaf

3 Whipcat Fantasy Oschinski

4 Whipcat Eternal Flame Oschinski

Bitch 12-15 month (4)

1 Briary Xpression Korompis

2 Xasonshore Di Mahana Delabelle

3 Little Pricess of Pearls Place Wijnen

4 Lisanne of Pearls Place Olde

Bitch 15-18 month (7)

1 Taraly Once Upon A Dream Howarth

2 River Dance v.d.Bruinbrand Honningh

3 Taraly Only You Mathelot