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Expo Bleiswijk (NL) 01/11/2003

Judge : Miklos Levente (H)

Judge group : Nadine Jonhson (USA)

Dog open class (4)

1 EX           Akim Di Mahana                du Maine Th.

2 EX                Dixmoor Top of the Pops        Scheerens

3 EX                Sacre Mec du M D L Grenouillère       Cloes

4 EX                Better Do It Ayco Golden Boy            Zijlstra

Working class (1)

1 EX                Chandera’s Lord Legend Leader         Grotaers

Limited class (1)

1 VG               Blithe Spirit of Pearl’s Place                 Laeven

Junior class (1)

1 EX                Top Gun des Hauts de Massanne        Gerona-Gielisse

Champion class (2)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOS       Ch. Almaglo Cavalier         Delabelle

2 EX-RCAC-RCACIB           Ch. Sandline Yankee               Cloes

Bitch open class (5)

1 EX-RCAC-RCACIB           Sandline Blue Moon                Cloes

2 EX           Yourmygirl Di Mahana             Nieuwenhuizen

3 EX                Superfly’s Better Do It             Zijlstra-Brom

4 EX                Briary Zoë                                           Beldman

VG                  Fiefoerniek’s Viva Paris

Working class (2)

1 EX                Homely Luck’s Ul Tranza                    Kruis

2 VG               Azaria v. Dia-Robinne             Werner

Limited class (2)

1 EX                Sandline Baby Lady                            Cloes

2 VG               Strippoker’s By Design                       Dijkhuizen

Junior class (2)

1 VG               Fiefoerniek’s Vanity                            Bierlaagh

2 VG               Beautiful Missy of Pearl’s Place           Wijnen

Champion class (3)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOB-BIG-BIS6  Ch. Zamia Di Mahana            Delabelle

New Netherland Champion

2 EX                Ch. Avalonia Maallan                    Scheerens