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Leeds Ch. Sh. 23/07/06

Albert Wight


Sudden impact might be a better name as you could not daydream when this light brindle bitch decides to make her entry !   It is no reflection on the others to say that her impact is such that she is the only one you see for the first 20 seconds or so ! I am sure she must be the envy of many.  Utterly feminine in all respects, beautifully constructed, such a harmonious shape, firmest of conditions, so well muscled & has that look alive air which demands you look at her only.  No doubting she is as sound as a pound & I was more than happy to award her the CC, which I am told is her 6th but her UK title is yet to be confirmed.  I was thrilled with the line up for BOB & my decision was made easier by this bitch running very a la Continental where speed seems to matter to those across the water, regardless of the breed (regrettably it is now happening here as well).  Speed itself does little to enhance a dog in my eyes & while not blaming her handler (the bitch is probably used to moving at this speed) it just told against her backline on the go around where Palmero kept his shape & she was tending to roll with over extension.  I believe she is here for a limited time only.  I am sure many will be pleased to see her leave.