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Bath Ch. Sh. 29/05/06

Martin Sanders

CC, BOB &  Hound Group

Class of quality girls & some major players on view who in the past have impressed me.  Here, for me, there was only one winner Daydream Di Mahana, nothing could have prepared me for what was to materialise over the next hour or so, the moment this girl entered the ring it was like something had fallen from the “stars” could not take my eyes off her, on closer inspection she has a stunning head of correct balance, super eye & melting expression, everything fits on this girl, your hands just flow over her, ideal for size, the wind faction did nothing to put this girl off at any time, on the move she excels, flawless foot falls, positive rear drive, front extension, she’s got the lot, has that willingness to please, in super muscular tone, excellent coat & condition. CC,BOB, 1st Group Moa Persson – a moment that will live with me forever