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Expo Donaueschingen 03/08/2003

Judge : Martin (Ierl)

Dogs junior class (4)

1 EX                Koseilata’s Three Time a Lady            Riebel

2 VG               Sobresalto Lucky Look                       Rovani

Open class (13)

1 EX-CAC      Sobresalto Irish Scotch Whisky           Rovani

2 EX-RCAC   Fiefoernik’s Vanderbuilt                      Mesavage

3 EX                Avalon’s Jumping Jack Flash   Wullschleger

4 EX                Risa Cham’s Obsession for Men          Jankowski

EX       Rosemary’s Baby du Sac à Malices, Rum’s Coca-Cola du Sac à Malices, Adagio Enough to Share, Id Est Mentes, Vitali vom Kleinenberg, Id Est Roi

VG      Aladin von der Müllehalde

Working class (2)

1 EX                           Ch. Superfly’s Another part of Me       Riebel

2 VG                           Snap dog’s Duryan                              Bosler

Champion class (6)

1 EX-BOS      Multi Ch. Almaglo Cavalier                  Delabelle

2 EX                           Cand Ch. Airescot Gold Field  Sakson-Rovavi-McCartney

3 EX                           Ch. Rush Hour du Sac à Malice           Ebinger

4 EX                           Ch. L’Etat c’Est moi du Sac à Malice  Zinqq

EX       Ch. Promise-Promise du Sac à Malice

Veteran class (1)

1 EX                           Ch. Paris Panther                                Heller

Puppy class (3)

VVP                            Daria of Tontuta                                  Nicolet

VP                              Yucca vom Kleinenberg                      Zellner

VP                              Airescat Justina Casagli                       Rovani

Junior class (7)

1 EX                           Koseilata’s Tea by Tiffany’s                Capellmann

2 EX                           Whippnga Back on Stage                    Brunn

3 EX                           Xandrine vom Kleinenberg                  Kleinenberg

4 EX                           Bohème beautiful Runner’s                  Caratti

EX       Druantia’s Artis

VG      Druantia’s Aisling, Koseilata’s Under the Moon of Love

Open class (18)

1 EX-CAC-BOB        Blue Velvet Hight on Emeotion Krah

2 EX-RCAC               Woodbrook’s Jeir Creek                    Delabelle

3 EX                           Rosella Hightowner du Sac à Malices  Mesavage

4 EX                           Astrid Vernay                                                 Rovani

EX       Flc Flac Mary Popins, Jeebee’s Sweet Rose Mary, Sweet Sixteen du Sac à Malices, Legendary Ruanne of Wuthering Heights, Suzy q des Collines Noires, Natassia Kinski du Sac à Malices, Sidi-Bou A TogepiKoseilata’s Jeraldine Chaplin

VG      Uraya vom Kleinenberg, Whoopi vom Kleinenberg, Superfly’s For once in my Life, Winniepeg vom Kleinenberg

Working class (2)

1 EX                           Illuma of Liberty                                   Bieri

2 VG                           Junis Black Moon                                Elsener

Champion class (2)

1 EX                           Ch. Showstar I’M Everybodies Darling           Heller

2 EX                           Ch. Zamia Di Mahana              Delabelle