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Europasieger 2007


Judge: T. Münch (Germany)

Group judge : Schwerm Hahne (Germany)

BIS judge : Martha Heine (Germany)


Veteran clas

1 – Savuka Spanish Gold

2 – Avalonia Bruichladdich

Junior class

V1,Europajgd.Sg,JgdCAC – DeliriousGabriel

V2,RJgdCAC – Gone with the Wind High on Emotion

V3 – id est Yves

V4 – Almansor´s Pathfinder

V – Tricky Tick of Gentle Mind

V – Basil von Mullewapp

V – Keep on Running Blue Bayou

Sg – Song Sung Blue Enjoyblue

Limited class

V1 – Only a Game of Gentle Mind

V2 – Koseilata´s Yarred the Jumper

V3 – Amadeus von Mullewapp

Champion class

V1,Europasg.,CAC,CACIB – Cobyco Center Piece

V2,RCAC,RCACIB – Edward of Gentle Mind

V3 – Un As du Manoir de la Grenouillere

V4 – Taraly Stairway to Heaven

V – Dark Charger

V – Koseilata´s Three Times a Lady

V – Boxing Helena´s Art`N Craft

V – Golden Peanut´s Quando Quando

Working class

V1 – Willowick Astair

Sg2 – Hunting Free Dragon

Open class

V1 – Blue Spring´s Tiger Touch

V2 – Golden Peanut´s Quattro

V3 – Sol Y Sombra Jour de Soleil

V4 – Lord Fauntleroy of Gentle Mind

V – Golden Peanut´s Fire and Ice

V – Taraly Virtual Heaven

Sg – Sandline Elegant Boy


Junior class

V1,Europa,Jgdsg.,JgdCAC – id est Yoko

V2,RJgdCAC - Quodlibet of Gentle Mind

V3 – Sounds like Pop of Gentle Mind

V4 – Deliriuos Gates of Eden

V – Zine Model of Giant Couseway

V – Valentina von der Oelmühle

V – Keep on Running Bloody Mary

V – Keep on Running Blue Candy Sweet

V – Golden Peanut´s You Win Again

V – Taraly Bohemian Rapsody

V – Dilldapp Bellflower

Sg – Tempting Thing of Gentle Mind

Sg – Brown Sugar of Joker´s Mind

Limited class

V1 – Once Upon a Time of Gentle Mind

Champion class

V1,Europasg.,CAC,CACIB,BOB-BIG-RBIS – Daydream di Mahana

V2,RCAC,RCACIB – Golden Peanut´s Queen of my Heart

V3 – Blue Spring´s Tiffany

V4 – Blind Date High on Emotion

V – Sandline Baby Lady

Working class

V1 – Delirious Fantom Flo

Open class

V1 – First Lady High on Emotion

V2 – Bajuma von Würmborium

V3 – Peperone Paulette

V4 – Jee Bee´s A New Gold Dream

V – Xtrem Chic of Giant Couseway

V – Kiss me Kate of Gentle Mind

V – Caramount Black Magic

V – Whipponga Exiting-Girl

Sg – Gabbanna vom Kleinen Berg

Sg – Crazy Runner´s Dynamite Lady

Sg – Crazy Runner´s Dolphins Mind