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Expo Goes (NL) 08/04/2005

Judge : Espen Engh (N)

Open class dog (8)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOS       Strippoker’s Arrogance           Dijkhuizen

2 EX-RCAC-RCACIB           Sandline Copyright                  Cloes

3 EX                                       Strippoker’s Cavali Couture    Toet

4 EX                                       Akim Di Mahana                     De Maine

EX       Ch. Boxing Helena’s Art N’Craft, Un As du Manoir de la Grenouillère

VG      Blithe Spirit of Pearl’s Place, Softouch Quiet Fire

Champion class (2)

1 EX                                       Nevedith Ayfa Aze                  Buchholz

Puppy class (1)

VP                                          My Best Man Fionmae            Dijkhuizen

Junior class Bitch (7)

1 EX-RCAC(CAC)                Daydream Di Mahana  Delabelle

2 EX                                       Signum Lilies & Willows          Oschinski-Stolz

3 EX                                       Fiefoernik’s Vital Jewel            de Vries

4 EX                                       Fiefoernik’s Wilhelmina            Hafkenscheid

EX       Boxing Helena’s Dashy Dazzl, Fiefoernik’s Vitra Trix

VG      Du Renard Feerique Golden Charm

Open class (7)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOB-BIG Ch. Margarita Magic of Falconcrag   Delabelle

2 EX-RCACIB                       Boxing Helena’s August Dawn Savoie

3 EX                                       Hassue Fioreighn Affair at Whipcat      Oschinski-Stolz

4 EX                                       Sandline Blue Moon                            Cloes

EX       Strippoker’s By Design, Chivas With Roots and Wings

VG      Farah Farouma of Pearl’s Place