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Expo Hoogstraten (B) 24/02/2007

Judge : G. Kostopoulos (GR)


Junior Class (1)

1 VG   Edouard Au Royaume De Duc Marjorie

Intermediate class (2)

1 EX-RCAC-RCACIB           Boxing Helena’s Epos Pente                Scheerens

ABS    Boxing Helena’s Epos Ena

Working class (2)

1 EX    Koseilata’s Xciting Moonwalker          Bunyan-Baruth

2 VG   Akin’s Johnnie Walker             Lagarden-Duppen

Champion class (1)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOS       Ch. Sobresalto Pourquoipas                Delabelle-Rovani

Veteran class (1)

G         Xavier Van Alatan Zatlyski                  Van Langnehoven

Junior class female (2)

1 EX-Junior BOB        Jineau Faux Marbre     Vandewielle

ABS    Strippoker’s Fashion Victim

Intermediate class (5)

1 EX-RCAC-RCACIB (CAC-CACIB) Emily Di Mahana                  Delabelle

2 EX    Boxing Helena’s Epos Tejera               Scheerens

3 EX    Koseilata’s Yoda’s Sister                                Bunyan

4 VG   Whipcat Poetry in Motion at Canoodle’s         Brakx-Hetlelat

VG      Hunting Free Eternity                           Brakx-Hetlelat

Open class (3)

1 EX    Boxing Helena's Eva So Sweet        Scheerens

2 EX    Koseilata's Warwick Dionne            Bunyan

3 VG    Fiefoernik's Vanity                            Bierlaagh

Working class (2)

1 EX    Koseilata’s Tea By Tiffany’s                            Bunyan-Capellman

2 EX    Delirious Echo of the Dark Deejay                   Lagarde-Duppen

Champion class (2)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOB-BIG-BIS4            Ch. Daydream Di Mahana       Delabelle

ABS    Ch. Blue Spring’s Tiffany