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Expo Hünstetten 31/07/2004

Judge : Ake Cronander (Sweede)


Dogs  (38)

Puppy class (3)

VP                   Whipcat Moon River                           Oschinski

VP                   Golden Peanuts Magnum                     Brunn

Junior class (3)

1 EX                Moonlight Diamonds Bazooka Boy      Wasmann

2 VG               Unexpected Pleasure du Croquet         Hoh

3 VG               Culture Pearl Aramis                           Mörbel

Open class(19)

1 EX-CAC-VDH        Casanova Di Mahana              Delabelle

2 EX-RCAC-RVDH   Whipponga Che Gueverra       Bus

3 EX                           Whipponga Catch me if you can          Brunn

4 EX                           Xcess Petit Prince                    George

EX       Sacre Mec du Manoir de la Grenouillère, Basingstoke of Gentle Mind, Golden Peanuts Dunhill, Uncas vom Kleinenberg

VG      Golden Peanuts Fire and Ice, O’Sullivan vom Kleinenberg, My Color Dog’s Angelo, Bolero beautiful Runner’s

G         Enrico vom Nonnenkloster, My Color Dog’s Blue Shadow, Acatenago vom Rauhen Meer, Franklin Lively Pack

Working class (8)

1 EX-RCAC-VDH     Superfly’s Ease on Down         Thiel

2 EX                           Ch. Kent vom Kleinenberg      Reuys

3 VG                           Superfly’s Farewell my Summerlove    Baruth

4 VG                           Id Est Shakespeare                  Lemm

VG      Superfly’s Cuz this is Thrilller, Romanow’ Winsten, Snap Dog’s Flavio

Champion class (4)

1 EX-VDH-BOS        Ch. Hitchcock vom Kleinenberg          Reuy

2 EX                           Ch. Id Est Laertes                   Lemm

3 VG                           Ch. Superfly’s Another Part of Me

4 VG                           Ch; Snap Dog’s Duryan           Bosler

Veteran class (1)

1 EX                           Ch. Any More von der Oehlmühle       Ecke


Bitch (39)

Puppy class (4)

VP                              Signum Lilles&Willows                        Oschinski

VP                              Golden Peanuts Martini                       Brunn

VP                              Wipcat My Dream Comme True         Langer

P                                 Effloresco Fantaghiro                           Dorstewitz

Junior class (12)

1 EX                           Funny Sunshine Diamond Dream         Sauerwein

2 EX                           Xcess Ultime Razzia                            George

3 EX                            Risa Chan’s Trendely                          Breton

4 EX                           Golden Peanuts Love Affair

VG      Culture Pearls Alizée, Franziska vom Nonnenkloster, Culture Pearls Angie, Memories of Black and White Alison, Memories of Black and White Angela, Felizitas vom Nonnenkloster

G         Ipi Tombé vom Rauhen Meer

Open class (19)

1 EX-CAC-VDH-BOB          Sandline Blue Moon                Cloes

2 EX-RCAC-RVDH               Flic Flac Motown Music          Münch

3 EX                                       Bodhifee Di Mahana                Laupp

4 EX                                       Une Page du Pub du Sac à Malice       Klotz

EX       Koseilata’s Tea By Tiffany’s, Hassue Foreign Affaira t Whipcat, Segena’s Kiss me Kate, Xcess Soap-Opera, Whipcat Kayleigh Fly Till Dawn, Whipponga Candle in The Wind, Golden Peanuts Angelina, Rhapsodie in Blue du Manoir de la Grenouillère

VG      Dollipop’s Bubble Gum Babe, Quintana vom Kleinenberg, Koseilata’s Time After Time

G         Elvira vom Nonnenkloster, Carmelita vom Nonnenkloster, Estrella vom Nonnenkloster

Working class (3)

1 EX-VDH                  Ch. Zamia Di Mahana              Delabelle

2 VG                           Ch. Adele vom Nonnenkloster Stamm

G                                 Nora von der Allmend

Champion class (1)

1 EX-VDH                  Ch. Blue Velvet High on Emotion         Heiermann