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Expo Leeuwarden (NL) 9/04/07  Judge : Mrs. W. Peschges (Ger)


Open class male (2)

1 EX-RCAC-RCACIB Un Autre Regard Du Chawia Scheerens

2 EX                Bayard Tomatin                                              Akerboon-Ellens-Peak

Junior class (1)

1 EX                Reflection Crystal Rain                        Lowie

Limited class (2)

1 EX                Spotight FionmaŽ                                            Drenth

2 EX                Boxing Helenaís Epos Pente                            Scheerens

Champion class (1)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOS       Ch. Sobresalto Pourquoispas   Rovani-Delabelle

New NL Champion

Open class female (7)

1 EX-RCACIB           Command Performer at Courthill         Akerboom-Ellens-Gilmour-Stock

2 EX                Vague A líAme du Chawia                              Savoie

3 EX                Xtrem Chic Of Giant Couseway                      Birr

4 EX                Per Mobil Lucky Lucy                         Permo

EX       Strippoker Drama Queen Ė Per-Mobil Mummy Mirage

Junior class (4)

1 EX-RCAC   Of Summerís Joy Springtime Sue                    Elzinga

2 EX                Of Summerís Joy Georgina                             Wiersma

Limited class (3)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOB-BIG2  Emily Di Mahana               Delabelle

2 EX                Boxing Helenaís Epos Tesera              Scheerens

3 EX                Of Summerís Joy Ginette                                Permo

Champion class (1)

1 EX                Ch. Daydream Di Mahana                               Delabelle