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Expo Leiden (NL) 15/03/2008

Judge : Dhr. A.H.Snee (NL)


Open klas (2)

1 EX-RCACIB           My Best Man Fionmaë            Toet

2 VG                           Leroy Vom Kleinenberg          Will

Intermediate klas (3)

1 EX-RCAC-CACIB  U Should See Yourself of Gentle Mind            Hendrik

2 EX                           Elrond Aragon Of Pearl’s Place                       Wijnen-Burger

Junior klas (4)

1 EX-Junior CAC-CAC-Best male     Goldrush Di Mahana                Delabelle

2 EX                           Baquero van Razende Roeltjes            Beldman

3 VG                           Storktown’s Paso Dobie                                 Steenbergen

Open klas (3)

1 EX-RCAC-RCACIB           Of Summer’s Joy Georgina                  Wiersma

New Dutch Champion

2 EX                           Strippoker’s By Design                                   Mast-Dijk-Groen

3 EX                           With Sensory Acces Always My Star  Pijpers

Intermediate klas (2)

1 EX-CAC-CACIB-BOB      Shalfleet Sephora                                Alberts

2 EX                           With Sensory Acces Always My Lady Nieuwenhuizen

Junior Kas (2)

1 VG                           Abotere’s Delightfull Holly                               Gielisse