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Expo Maastricht 28/09/2003

Judge : Mrs. L. Jorgensen (DK)


Junior class (4)

1 Ex RCAC Top Gun Des Hauts de Nassanne                                   Gerona/Gielisse

2 Ex Blithe Spirit of Pearl’s Home                                                       Laeven/Wijnen

3 Ex Golden peanut’s Fire and Ice                                                      Scherf

4 Ex Better Do it Cliff Biggles Best Buddy                                          Zijlstra/Van Aertselaer

Intermediate class (1)

1 Ex Dixmoor Top of the Pops                                                           Scheerens/Dams

Open class (6)

1 Ex Better Do it Ayco Golden Boy                                                    Zijlstra/Zijlstra

2 Ex Adagio Look of Love                                                                 v.d. Graaf/Vandewiele

3 Ex Alix Akil of Pearl’s Place                                                Wijnen

4 Ex Xcess Petit Prince                                                                      George

VG Laurens v.d. Sint Anna Hoeve                                                      Bellinga

Champion class (4)

1 CAC/CACIB/BOS Multi Ch. Almaglo Cavalier                               Delabelle

New Netherland Champion

2 Ex RCACIB Promises Promises du Sac a Malices               Brunn

3 Ex Sandline Yankee                                                             Cloes

4 Ex Bohem Times Flies                                                                     Vanhaeren


Junior class (3)

1 Ex Botter Do it Baruch Beaty Girl                                                    Zijlstra/Tuip

2 Ex Beautifull Missy Of Pearl’s Place                                     Wijnen

Intermediate class (2)

1 Ex Sandline Baby Lady                                                                   Cloes

2 Ex Salzomaggiore du Sac a Malices                                     Brunn

Open class (6)

1 Ex RCAC/RCACIB Sandline Blue Moon                                        Cloes

2 Ex Fiefoerniek’s Viva Paris                                                  v.d. Graaf/Sahuleka

3 Ex Xcess Striking Back                                                                   George

4 Ex Better Do It Ayla                                                            Tuip

Ex Fieforniek’s Villamairea, Your My Girl di Mahana                         

Champion Class (2)

1 Ex CAC/CACIB/BOB/BIG2 Zamia di Mahana                               Delabelle

2 Ex Avalonia Maccallan                                                                    Scheerens