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Expo Sachsenheim 11/10/2003

Judge : Suligoi (CH)

Puppie class dog (4)

1 VP                Jee-Bee Unbelivable Love Story                      Pfister

2 VP                Jee-Bee Unforgettable Gold Dream                 Breidenbach

3 VP                Jee-Bee Unlimited Lover                                 Stampfli

4 P                  Whipponga Catch me if you can                      Brumm

Junior class (3)

1 EX                Dark Charger                                                  Bartos

2 VG               Golden Peanut’s Fire an Ice                            Scherf

3 VG               Lawrence the Grasshopper                              Nestler

Open class (3)

1 EX-CAC      Breeze of Summer Diamond Dream                 Sommereder

2 EX-RCAC   Whipponga Bluetomtomturnaround                  Bus-Rahn

3 VG               Golden Peanut’s Astaire                                  Scherf

Working class (1)

1 EX                Ooschigea’s Armani                                        Bouquion

Champion class (2)

1 EX-BOB      Ch. Almaglo Cavalier                  Delabelle

2 EX                Ch. Rikki Tikki vom grünen Fichtelgebirge       Hoch

Puppie class bitch (6)

1 VP                Forever Blue Evita Peron                                 Krehling

2 VP                Jee-Bee Utopia Blue Legacy                           Pfister

3 VP                ????????

4 VP                Whipponga Creme Caramelle              Brumm

VP       Flower Flower of Baskerville, Jee-Bee Unchain my heart

Junior class (6)

1 EX-Junior BOB        Enjoy the Best Diamond Dream           Somereder

2 EX                Whipponga Back on Stage                              Brumm

3 EX                Avalon’s Lullaby of Broadway             Herrman

4 EX                Demerlay Blue Flame                                      Lorenz

EX       Celia High on Emotion

Open class (11)

1 EX-CAC-BOS        Salzomaggiore du Sac à Malices          Brumm

2 EX-RCAC               Sandydown Puzzle at Courthill Oschinski

3 EX                           Delightful Fascination Diamond Dream Somereder

4 EX                           Jee-Bee Sweet Rose Mary                  Keller

EX       Fire Game’s Cadisha, Summer Love Aviaticus

VG      Silverarrow’s Farah Diba, Suzy q. Des Collines Noires, Fire Game’s Caira

Working class (2)

1 EX                Ch. Zamia Di Mahana                         Delabelle

2 EX                Thetis vom Kleinen Berg                                  Kornstäd

Champion class (1)

1 EX                Ch. Esprit vom Kleinen Berg                           Kornstäd