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Expo Weiswampach (Lux) 04/07/2004

Judge : Mrs. Martin (Irl)

Puppy class dog (2)

1 VP    Golden Peanut’s Magnum                    Brunn

Junior class (3)

1 EX    Softouch Quiet Fire                             Kokki

2 EX    Un Autre Regard du Chawia                Scheerens-Savoie

3 VG   Charismo Di Mahana                           Baeyens

Champion class (2)

1 EX-CACL    Ch. Frontrunner’s Guns N’Roses         Nielsen

2 EX-RCAC   Rush Hour Dac à Malices        Ebinger

Honnor class (1)

1 EX-BOS      Multi Ch. Almaglo Cavalier      Delabelle

Intermediate class (7)

1 EX-CACL    Jee Bee’s Unbelievable Love Story      Bayard

2 EX-RCACL Un Beau Mec Du Hara’s D’Helios      Nielsen

3 EX                Whipponga Catch Me If You Can       Brunn

4 EX                Whipponga Che Guevarra                   Bus

VG      Polar Arabian’s Highlight, Golden Peanut’s Fire and Ice, Top Gun Des Hauts De Massane

Working class (1)

1 VG               Hunting Free Beachboy           Marville-Foulon

Open class (8)

1 EX-CACL    Ch. Frontrunner’s Velvet Goldmine      Nielsen

2 EX-RCACL Scoop du Manoir de la Grenouillère     Delabelle

3 EX                Brynula Maranello                   Rebourg

4 EX                Sacré Mec du Manoir de la Grenouillère          Cloes

VG      Golden Peanut’s Dunhill

G         O’Sullivan Vom Kleinenberg, Golden Peanut’s Astaire, Cyrano

Veteran class (4)

1 EX                Ch. Paris Panther                     Ebinger-Heller

2 EX                Ch. Frontrunner’s Al Capone              Nielsen

3 EX                Ch. Hadrien du Manoir de la Grenuoillère        George

Puppy class bitch (1)

1 VP-Puppy BIS3       Golden Peanut’s Martini          Brunn

Junior class (4)

1 EX                Xcess Ultime Razzia                George

2 EX                Ursula Andress Du Hara’s D’Hélios    Foulon

3 EX                Celeste Di Mahana                  Bouffioux

Champion class (3)

1 EX-CACL-BOB      Ch ; Blue Velvet High on Emotion        Heiermann

2 EX-RCACL Ch. Showstar I’M Everybodies Darling           Ebinger

3 EX                Ch. Boxing Helena’s Yumanee            Van Aerschot-Dams

Intermediate class (4)

1 EX-CACL    Margarita Magic of Falconcrag                        Delabelle

2 EX-RCACL Whiponga Candle In The Wind                       Bus

3 EX                Whipponga Creme Caramelle              Brunn

4 VG               Chivas With Roots And Wings             Van Steenwinckel

Open class (5)

1 EX-CACL    Blind Date High on Emotion                            Heiermann

2 EX-RCACL             Boxing Helena’s August Dawn Scheerens-Savoie

3 EX                           Sadline Blue Moon                              Cloes

4 EX                           Frontrunner’s Special Love                  Rudi Brandt

Veteran class (1)

1 VG                           Ch. Highland Hill Mary Legacy            Pfister