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Whippet speciality Belgium Whippet Club 29/04/2007

Judge : Mrs. A. Beckett-Bradshaw (UK)


Baby class (3)

1 VP    Canoodle’s Fitjar         Brackx

2 VP    Gold Rush Di Mahana   Delabelle

3 VP    Canoodle’s Figgjo       Luckmans

Puppy class (5)

1 VP    Fargo With Roots And Wings  Hillaert-Mertens

2 VP    Edi Finn aus dem Gnomenhain

3 VP    Beau Gosse du Manoir de la Grenouillère        Bourdin

4 VP    Hell’s Angel High On Emotion Krah-Heiermann

Junior class (3)

1 EX-BOB      Gone With The Wind High On Emotion           Lüning-Heiermann

2 EX                Roccobarocco’s Fivestar                     Sahuleka-Vandewiele

3 EX                Roccobarocco’s Fondeteint                 Vandewiele

Open clas (6)

1 EX-RCAC   French Connection High On Emotion   Krah-Heiermann

2 EX                Blue Spring’s Royalti               Vandewiele-V D Graaf

3 EX                Guess-Guess                           Greppo

4 VG               Utrema du Cèdre de Monette              Nivelle

VG      Oochigea’s Chudleigh 

ABS    A’Nicolai Romanov

Working class (1)

1 VG   Hunting Free Challenger           Foulon-Iser

Breders class (5)

1 EX-CAC      Blue Spring’s Tiger Touch                   Lempereur

2 EX                Hunting Free Braveheart                      Foulon

3 VG               Eldirado Del Abokhan             Lemaire

ABS    Un Gentleman du Manoir de la Grenouillère, Boxing Helena’s Epos Pente

Champion class (6)

1 EX    Blue Spring’s Tibère                Lempereur

2 EX    Dixmoor Top of the Pops        Scheerens-Dams-Coppel

3 EX    Sobresalto Pourquoipas           Rovani

4 EX    Moonlake Making Sure           Vanhooydonck

EX       Hunting Free Dragon

VG      Hunting Free Beachboy

Veteran class (1)

1 EX    Join The Club du Sac à Malices           Ysnel

Baby class (4)

1 VP    Canoodle’s Finlia                     Laurijssen

2 VP    Golden Sky Di Mahana           Anssens-Schrevens

3 VP    Canoodle’s Flosta                   Luckmans

4 VP    Homely Luck’s Lady Liberty               Vredeveldt

Puppy class (4)

1 VP    Faye With Roots And Wings               Vertraeten

2 VP    Elvana aus dem Gnomenhain                Oberländer

3 VP    Boxing Helena’s Fangoria                    Scheerens

4 VP    Babouchka du Sac à Malices               Ysnel

Junior Class (9)

1 EX    Balmy Limonite Dominjia                     Scheerens

2 EX    Bo Dereck du Manoir de la Grenouillère          Bourdin

3 EX    Boxing Helena’s Fi Fy Foe Fum          Scheerens

4 EX    Of Summer’s Joy Georgina                  Wiersma

EX       Jineau Fauxmarbre, With Sensory Acces Always My Lady,  With Sensory Acces Always My Angel, Fiefoerniek’s Vannozza

Limited class (5)

1 EX    Floo Di Mahana           Rooseleer

2 EX    Emily Di Mahana         Delabelle

3 EX    Whipcat Poetry in Motion at Canoodles          Brackx

4 VG   Oochigea’s Eversius                Verheyen

Open class (12)

1 EX    Esmeralda Di Mahana  Vredeveld

2 EX    Daria With Roots And Wings   Persyn

3 EX    First Lady High On Emotion                Krah-Heiermann

4 EX    Of Summer’s Joy Mandolin                 Post

EX       Of Summer’s Joy Georgy Girl, Ursula Andress du Haras d’Helios, Barnesmore Ruby Tuesday, Whipcat No Angel, Hunting Free Eternity

VG      Oochigéa’s Egaschoo, Cyan With Roots And Wings

ABS    Anouk Aimée du Manoir de la Grenuoillère

Working class (1)

1 EX    Hunting Free Breakdance                    Foulon

Breeder class (3)

1 EX-RCAC(CAC)    Evita Di Mahana          Delabelle

2 EX    Boxing Helena’s Epos Tesera  Scheerens

ABS Aquickstep With Roots And Wings

Champion class (4)

1 EX-CAC      Daydream Di Mahana  Delabelle

2 EX    Your My Girl Di Mahana                     Nieuwenhuizen

3 EX    Alizée Di Mahana                                Vandewiele

4 EX    Blue Spring’s Tiffany                           Lempereur