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CACL Weiswampach Luxembourg 2005

Judge: Fassio (It) 


Puppy Class

1 VP Vittorio du Manoir de la Grenouillère                                         Bourdin

2 VP Val de Grace du Sac a Malices                                                  Linguenheld

VP Betty Barkley Dirty Dancing                                                         Ebinger 

Youth Class

1 Ex Whipprior’s Lupin Ladro Gentiluomo                                          Dell Priore

2 Ex Violon d’Ingre du Sac à Malices                                                 Mesavage

3 Ex Boxing Helena’s Dark Empra                                                     Scheerens 

Champion Class

1 Ex CAC Scoop du Manoir de la Grenouillère                                   Bayens-Casteur-Delabelle

2 RCAC Vitali vom Kleinen Berg                                                       Kleineberg

3 Ex Rush Hour du Sac à Malices                                                       Ebinger

Honory Class

1 Ex Odin l’Honorable du Bois Melusine                                            Gill

Intermedian Class

1 Ex CAC Charismo di Mahana                                                         Casteur

2 Ex RCAC Un As du Manoir de la Grenouillère                                Cloes

3 Ex Softouch Quiet Fire                                                                    Kokki

Good : Almansor’s Norton Commander, Pitlochry’s Aron 

Working Class

1 Ex CAC Hunting Free Braveheart                                                    Gill

2 Ex RCAC Hunting Free Beachboy                                                  Marville

Open Class

1 Ex CAC BOB Peperone Pasadena                                                  Carpone-Mc Leod

2 Ex RCAC Un Gentleman du Manoir de la Grenouillère                     Bourdin

3 Ex Skyscrapper du Sac à Malices                                                    Linguenheld


Class Puppy

1 VP Whipprior’ Onyx la Selvaggia                                                    Dell Priore 

Youth Class

1 Ex Callas vom Kleinen Berg                                                            Kleineberg

Ex Boxing Helena’s Dark Diamond                                                     Scheerens

Ex Jee-Bee’s Very Nice Dream                                                          Pfister

Champion Class

1 Ex CAC Boxing Hellena’s Yumanee                                                Van Aerschot-Dams

2 Ex RCAC Delirious Dark Djinny                                                     Brom

3 Ex Rosella Hightower du Sac à Malices                                           Mesavage

Intermedian Class

1 Ex CAC Barnesmore Ruby Tuesday                                                Delabelle

2 Ex RCAC Valentine du Manoir de la Grenouillère                            Bourdin

3 Ex Supeta’s Billie Jean                                                                     Veenstra

Ex Delirious Echo of Dorl Dee Joy                                                      Lagarde

Working Class

1 Ex CAC Sandie XR de Chambord                                                  Papillion

2 Ex RCAC Hunting Free Breakdance                                               Foulon

Open Class

1 Ex CAC Boxing Helena’s August Dawn                                          Scheerens-Savoie

2 Ex RCAC Sandline Baby Lady                                                        Marion-Cloes

3 Ex Woodbrook’s Jeir Creek                                                           Delabelle

Ex : Ursula Andress du Haras d’Helios, Une Page de Pub du Sac à Malices, Xcess Ultime Razzia